November 23, 2011

Welcome Back ME!!!

Welcome back.....ME.....  
well at least for now.  

Who has time to blog anymore?....

I noticed the last time I posted anything was about our June Vacation.  

Lots has happened since then....

One amazing thing is that we moved!


Back to our town and into our own home!


I finally have my own house!  I absolutely love to walk around my own house!  I love it!

There is no place like home...truly....your own place.

We found this great house in a wonderful neighborhood filled with nature parks, a playground and lots of trees. 

Our home is about 2400 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms!  I never had this before.

Actually two of the bedrooms are split by a half wall, so the older girls get to have their own "private" decorate and fix up as they please.  They love it. 

I have a "computer room" or school room...whatever you want to call it.  This is where the books are shelved and the computer is currently stationed.  

I have a nice bright sun room or Florida room....whatever you want to call it. It is so nice to sit in there and watch the bird and squirrels outside my window.

baby squirrel we found in yard

I have a remodeled kitchen with granite counter tops!  Love it!  No need for a cutting board...seriously.

The neighborhood itself sits about 2 miles from the main campus of the University here in town.  I am right across the street from shops, a huge movie theatre (not that I frequent this at all...rather get netflix than pay $25 for a movie night), ice-cream shops, restaurants and a hop, skip, and jump from my favorite Grocery store, Publix.  

this room needs some decor badly

It is truly such a wonderful place to live.  My kids have made great friends and love it here so much.  We are nestled deep in this neighborhood on a dead end road with a trail that leads into the nature park.  So beautiful I must add!

Money has been super tight since we moved out of my in-laws.  It seems that I am handling it so much better living in my own house. 
Homeschooling is still ..... homeschooling.   I love doing it but I have my many moments when I say
"why am I doing this again?"

My babies are getting so big.  Sometimes I forget the fact that I have one son who will soon be in the Armed Forces, daughters who are teens, boys who are growing like weeds, and little toddlers who are still wetting beds and in diapers.  Wow!  

My days are full of laughter, 
crying, whining, love, hugs,
teen talks over cups of coffee, 
collecting leaves for our Autumn collage, 
dirty laundry, unfolded laundry, 
hand washing clothes when my washer is broke,
receiving a new washer from a sweet couple at church,
scribbles on my table, 
phone calls from kids' friends, 
neighbor kids hanging out where the action is (my house), 
walks on long nature paths,
throwing sticks to our old German Shepherd, 
cooking low budget meals, 
going to yard sales with my bestie and our teen daughters....
helping relatives get through a crisis

Life is never dull! 

In the midst of broken washers, hardly any money in our pockets,  and stresses in life I have to say 
Lord you know it all....and only YOU can take me through it with a joyful heart!

Peace to you all on this Thanksgiving Eve.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely ladies who read my blog. 


momto9 said...

What a treat to read a post from you!! It's been so long! Love your new home and especially the jungle like surroundings!! So fun for the kids!
Good to hear your well and happy eventhough money is tight. Hope you update more when you can!

Anonymous said...

Aww Chris, you look so beautiful in that picture. WOW! I am so happy for you that you got such a nice and spacious home! :) It sounds wonderful that there is never a dull moment. May God continue to encourage you and strengthen you as you homeschool your children.

I don't know if I told you but I can finally homeschool now! :D I am so relieved. Especially b/c sending them to school was a hell for me seriously.

Much Love,

Mrs. A

ps keep blogging. I love to here from you. :)

Mrs. Taffy said...

So GREAT to hear from you! I've missed you so much and was totally wondering how you were doing and how your new house is. It is BEAUTIFUL! You are so blessed! What a wonderful place to live and raise your children! I love your kitchen and all that space, it's got to feel GREAT! And you are garage saling? Yay! I hope you are finding some amazing things!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Friend! Love and Hugs from MN!

Anonymous said...

Nice post! Thanks for sharing... blessings...

Veronica @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

Sista!!! Xoxoxo
Missed you.
What a beautiful home with beautiful windows and beautiful floors and BEAUTIFUL scenery! Talk about being surrounded by Gods creations: the trees, the animals, your precious arrows. Sweet.

Big hugs to you.
Love, Veronica

Sara L said...

Your home looks so nice - love the floors! Back in Gville? I bet that makes everyone happy.