February 2, 2009

She is Here!! Welcome Ana Karisa!!

Just a quick update to let you know we had the baby!!  Yay!!!! :D

Here name:  Ana Karisa (pronounced  A-nah  Ka-ree-sah )

Born: January 30 at 9:15 PM

Weight:  7'2 oz  19 inches 

Beautiful little girl.  

Here are some pictures and when I start feeling normal and not so much like a milk cow, then I will post the details of what took place on Delivery day.

(Ana about 5 minutes old)

(Here she after her check up--about 30 minutes old)

 (Coming home!!  1 1/2 days old)

We came home yesterday late afternoon, and I am lacking much sleep.  I really haven't slept since last Saturday.   She is nursing a lot right now to bring down my milk.  I've been nursing around the clock.  Almost every hour.  I am doing this because she has been hungry and I need my milk to come in as soon as possible.  I am showing signs today of it coming in.  She is not so fussy and more content.  

It is so easy to forget about those newborn days.  It doesn't matter how many babies you have had in the past, it is always so different with each one.  When you think you have it mastered, whoa, look out!!  Each little one has his or her own personality you have to work with.  So amazing.  

Everyone in our home is so happy she is here--Healthy, whole, and beautiful!!  Her brothers and sisters (especially) love holding her.  

Till later, blessings to you all, 


PS:  Thanks to my Dad and Jennifer who sent posts via comments while I was in the hospital. 


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness she is SO cute! She doesn't look early at all, so nice and round! I can't wait to see her - and hear the details. Congratulations! You give me a little bit of baby itch... just not pregnancy itch. ;-)

Nancy said...

Oh Wow! Can't wait to meet her and talk with you! Stu and I were just talking about you on Friday night while we were on a date. We even checked your blog for an update around 7pm. You must have been up at NFL then! I'll be bringing you a dinner in the next week. Will call! You are very blessed to be in the pink!

Dina said...

she's beautiful! can't wait to get my hands on her. congrats!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job! Congrats! Can't wait to meet her in person!!!!!!!!!! --Dana

Tracy said...

Coagratulations, she's so beautiful! I can't wait to hear about how her name came to be. I always love hearing how you and Donny come up w/ your names. Talk to you soon. Trace :)

DAD said...

Wonderful, Glad to hear all is well, Saved my beautiful Ana's picture you sent me on my desktop.


Beth said...

How wonderful!! She is so pretty. Congrats to you.

Kelly G said...

Congrats! She's beautiful!
Kelly G

mamazee said...

Christine! She is gorgeous! What a beautiful little baby! Congratulations! Your family looks very much like mine, only you are one baby and one year ahead of me :)... what a sweet little dolly you are blessed with!

Christine said...

Congrats! I'm glad to hear she is healthy and nursing great.
Christine @ Live to Learn

KelliSue (MOMYS) said...

She's beautiful! Thanks for letting the MOMYS now so we can sneak a peek!

I really like your pregnancy photo with the little cowboy boots. That's a beautiful belly!

:o) Rachel said...

Congrats! She's beautiful! Isn't it neat - no matter how many you have, it is so wonderful to have a newborn again!
:o) Rachel (MOMYS friend)

Hoosiermama said...

Congrats on your beatiful new addition!

from a MOMYS

Hoosiermama said...
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Laura said...


Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL name for such a pretty little girl! BTW, you must have a REALLY cool hubbie. I mean, wow! No wonder you can't keep your hands off of him!

-your hubbie

Anonymous said...

My Blessings to you and Ana Karisa

Mama Miriam

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She's adorable! I'm so thrilled for you all!
Dee & Phil K