About this blog...

My blog clearly says that I share the Joys of Motherhood...well....maybe not all the time.

You might find me complaining on more than a rare occasion because honestly I AM NOT PERFECT! However, no matter how crappy my day becomes, I have to find JOY in the day and be THANKFUL!

Thankful to be alive!!

Thankful to be able to stay home and care for my family!! It's amazing what happens when we are thankful.....we find joy!

I love Jesus, my husband, my 8 kids, my friends, trail jogging, hot coffee (especially Cafe Con Leche made just right!), nice dinners, drinking Cabernet, Scented Candles, the Ocean, Travel (Soon to be location independent...March 2017), warm weather (living in Florida is a joy), I love to laugh...especially when my oldest does impersonations, and....I love to HAVE FUN! Oh and can't forget that we are a messy minimalist family!! We don't have to much stuff...but it's always a mess in my house. Ha ha!!

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