February 19, 2016

Island Life

It must be a blissful life when you can live on an island.  
There are no cares, worries, or agendas to follow. 

A place where you can just lay on the shore in the cold water of February and feel the warmth of the sunbeams on your face.

Then there's the search for sea shells 

and funny looking sea creatures...

There is an internal joy of just letting go of stuff,
 responsibilities of the "real world" 
to experience a sense of freedom

A freedom to just be

to fly

to laugh

to act goofy
to just sit and think!!

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking, 

I've been in a season of solitude.  

sometimes a mama needs to do that 
to realize what matters most in life.

Why is it that life becomes so demanding sometimes?  

I think there's an invisible expectation of what should be accomplished.

Maybe it's certain career goals, a social status, or how much "stuff" we've accumulated...

If we don't conform to this societal formula then we might as well call ourselves 
a little "different" 

I'm teaching my children they have the freedom to think for themselves
and to not fall into the trap of thinking that they have to follow a certain formula to feel accomplished.

I used to think there was a special formula to becoming "something" in life..
If I did "A.B.C"... then I should be doing D next

not for my kids...

I want them to dream, to soar, and to follow their passions, interests and curiosities. 

The "formula" written in their hearts. 

I know they will most certainly make mistakes and get hurt

I guess that is what I fear at times. 

I don't want to see them hurting.

What parent does?

But then I realize that they will learn from their mistakes
That they have a mind to think for themselves.

A mind to make right choices.

I find myself then relaxing and trusting them
Trusting God who's the One guiding them.
They may take that leap that might make them stumble just a little. 

But they'll be ok.

Most important is to not get lost in agendas and the general busyness of this fast moving world. 

To know that mom and dad are there
supporting them, 
talking them through their fears, 

We're there for hugs and cuddles so they can feel safe in this big fast world.

Deep down all they truly want
is our acceptance,

So to you I say...

When you lay your head down tonight
resting your tired and weary soul 
Take some time to reflect and think about how your life is going. 

 Then take your family 
love them
 kiss them 
hold them

Take a deep breath and know that life and moments 
you spend with them will come and go.  

So make them special. 

And don't forget to dream...

Here's a little song that Donnie and I like to sing when we're feeling funny:
(This song makes me laugh because I feel like i'm the mama bunny)

You and I, by Ingrid Michelson

"Don't you worry there my honey
we might not have any money
but we've got our love to pay the bills
maybe I think you're cute and funny
maybe I wanna do what bunnies do with you if you know what I mean
oh lets get rich and buy our parents homes in the south of france
lets get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance
lets get rich and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants
from way up there, you and I, you and I"

February 10, 2016

On the Road Again...

Traveling has been on my mind lately...but not just to travel but to "live in travel". 

I've been thinking alot about us becoming location independent and just letting God and life lead us to where we should live. 

It excites me to think about the possibility of it coming to pass.  

Could we actually do this?

Where would we go?

I've told Donnie that I've been thinking of staying in every one of the 50 states in 50 weeks....
umm...ok maybe not exactly every 50 but the lower 48.
  I think if I ended up in Alaska or Hawaii....I'd have to extend my stay just a bit.  

I actually had this conversation with him a few months back....it went like this: 

Me:  So I was thinking me and the kids would camp in our tent in every state in 50 weeks?

Donnie:  Huh?  What?  Did I hear you right?

Me:  Yeah...there are tons of families that do this all the time.  I would homeschool and we would live in our tent while moving every week to a different state.  Doesn't that sound absolutely awesome?! :) 

Donnie:  (he looks at me like i'm joking yet serious at the same time)  Oh...wow...I think you're serious! 

Me:  Yeah....heck yes, I'm serious!  It would be the coolest thing! I would just need you to stay and work so we could afford the travel.

Donnie:  Hey...that's no fun.  I would miss you!  I don't think I could do that!

Me:  (thinking about it...and now realizing that I couldn't bear the thought of being without my hubby)  You know....You're right babe.  I'd miss you so much.  :(     BUT...You could meet up with us once a month?  Huh?  That could work? 

Donnie:  Hmmm....maybe...wait...are you serious?  No seriously...you need to think about it.  You...the kids...in a TENT for a whole year.  And you don't have me to help you.

Me:  Eek..yeah...that doesn't sound like fun.  Oh yeah....maybe that isn't a good idea.  Oh Darn...I thought it could work. 

This conversation led to many more conversations about traveling and becoming location independent.  

I've been reading about other families who are indeed location independent.  I've found several.  

So I'm not the only crazy one out there...


There is such a sense of FREEDOM in this type of thinking and living.  I've thought of living in my birth place of Chile with Donnie and the kids:  Exposing them to the culture and language; To know that there is more to this life in this world than the borders surrounding their city;
A world to live amongst people that they are yet to meet.  

The traveling bug has bit.

Yep...and speaking of that....We are set for a short little trip Valentine's day weekend.  

Not sure where we'll go....thinking of camping in south Florida 
driving up north somewhere in hope to play in snow.  
Wherever we end up...we're making memories.

January 29, 2016

Therapy Blogging....

My blog is a place of therapy for me.

Yeah...it's therapeutic for me.

So why the heck wouldn't I use this platform more often?

Does that mean...I've been having some good days...so no need for "therapy blogging"?

I don't know...actually


Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. 

UP Michigan Christmas 2016

I decided to type today because I don't feel like going on Facebook and sharing my life because there is always so much stuff going on in my mind that some of my friends would :

unfriend me

love me more

hate me more

think I had the best life ever

roll their eyes

think I had serious issues

why don't I ever like their pics

she posts to many pics

why haven't I seen Chris lately

did she leave the church...

I like her...she's so sweet

She's not really that organized

She shares way to many posts....

I guess I could go on...but why really?  

This blog is my place....my "neck of the woods".....my side of the tracks...my place

our michigan vacation spot...daydreaming today

to vent


show off


share my struggles


praise life

share life...

I really should blog more often.  But you know...I do struggle with people knowing to much of my life.  Some may say...."Oh you shouldn't put all your dirty laundry out there?"

I agree...sometimes.  I literally did on Facebook one day....Posted a picture of my dirty laundry.

An awesome thing is that I got rid of so many of our clothing that I'm actually managing laundry way better now.  Yeah...celebrating that!! (OMG...did you think I was gonna say "I got rid of so many of our friends on FB" because they could not dare see dirty laundry on a floor.  hehe!)

Ok....back to what I was saying before....ummm... Wait....I forgot what I was typing?

I got distracted with life and laundry.  Usually happens here.

Oh...yeah...why the heck do we want to share crap on Facebook where it would make people gossip about us or think negatively of us?  Ok....Usually they celebrate with us.

Or why do we always just share the beautiful things in life acting like our life is lived in Pinterest.

Honestly though...The whole thing with being careful what you post on social media is a huge problem.  I'm not talking about showing our cleavage or butt,  BUT....no pun intended, BUT sharing struggles as well as our praises.  Its ok!! And I guess if you wanna show some cleavage you can...just beware of haters. 

Yeah...people can be nasty and rude and actually stop talking to you because you share crap on social media. 
There will always be HATERS who will just HATE for the heck of it.  Either they're jealous of your life or think you belong in a mental institute. Somebozo will always have opinions.  

And No...it hasn't happened to me but who knows what people's secret opinions are of me.

Ok...so I tell myself and others....either stop doing it (sharing your junk on social media) or who the crap cares what they think or say!!

I'm personally a people pleaser...have been all my life.  I want people to like me.  Honestly though....

Don't we all have struggles?

Don't we all have dirty laundry?

Don't we all have friends to lose?

Don't we all have friends to make?

Don't we all feel "sexy" sometimes and share a million selfies?

Don't we have friends who will always LOVE us?

Don't we all have those that love our transparency because it makes them feel like:
"Wow I can relate. I'm not the only one with an imperfect life."


Come on people...don't hide!  
It is your prerogative
(how many of you thought of Bobby Brown just now? 
Come on you know you did...I did.)


I always wonder who reads this.  Yeah...I'll post it on my Facebook. 
Hello FB friends.  Welcome to my world. 
Keep up with my posts...goal is to post at least once a week.  


yeah...we'll see

oh and please don't get offended...