August 16, 2013

Dusting off the Keyboard

Yes it has been a long time since I blogged.  


I don't know exactly.  
I guess I just never made the time to type away my thoughts of life and such. 

And of course just the busyness of raising eight children.  This can take a bit of time.

There is always some sort of 
question asked, 
problem to solve, 

teen issues to handle, 

 bickering to break-up.  



There is always time for fun!!  


Everything nice!

I've decided that if I make my posts short and sweet,
 with meaning,
maybe I will make the time to blog.  

It's sort of like jogging 
(something I have been doing for some months now).

Just the thought of going jogging 
the time it will take to run those miles.....
it makes you not want to jog at all.  

That's how I've felt with blogging.  
I tend to be long winded and want to write EVERYTHING on my mind 
then realize how long that just might take....

 I end up not blogging at all.  

if I tell myself that I will keep it short, sweet, and simple 
I just might accomplish a little bit of blogging 
(and maybe some jogging)
now and then. 

No promises to everyday.  
But we'll see.  


Day 2 at school for my crew.  
(Day 2...for my skoo)
some rapping for ya..
They couldn't wait to get up, get dressed, and out the door into the Tuttle Bus.  

Yep...they were so happy to be at school.  

 How does mommy feel today?

Very EXCITED about my new season. 
 I am filled with joy knowing my wee ones are in good hands and being educated.  

There is something satisfying knowing that my kids are being productive and not having to wait for me to teach them "school".  

That's how it has felt for a few years now. 
 Feelings that I wasn't teaching them enough and they were not being fulfilled.  

God knows.  
He knew what I needed and he made it possible us all. 


He may also have something for me around the corner.  
Actually.....I know He does!
 this tad bit of information will have to come at another time. 
 Confidential information.....


August 15, 2013

My First Post in Two Years

Its been two years since I've posted last. 


Time sure flies. I am sure I have lost most if my bloggy friends. Those who haven't lost hope and your thoughts have been "when is she coming back" or "what ever happened to joyful mother?"

Lots of growth, and learning of Gods love  and grace. Boy have I changed my thinking from my old days. I feel so free today. Free in so many ways. 

I won't go into all the details of the past two years however I do want to let all of you know today was the first day for my kids in school. Yep. I am no longer a homeschool mom. 

Lunches packed. 
Supplies in their packs, 
Donning pressed school uniforms. Loaded up in the van. 
Butterflies in their bellies. 
Not sure what to think. 
"What!  Mommy comes back in the afternoon?  "How long is that?"
Kisses goodbye. 
Tears in this momma's eyes. 


November 23, 2011

Welcome Back ME!!!

Welcome back.....ME.....  
well at least for now.  

Who has time to blog anymore?....

I noticed the last time I posted anything was about our June Vacation.  

Lots has happened since then....

One amazing thing is that we moved!


Back to our town and into our own home!


I finally have my own house!  I absolutely love to walk around my own house!  I love it!

There is no place like home...truly....your own place.

We found this great house in a wonderful neighborhood filled with nature parks, a playground and lots of trees. 

Our home is about 2400 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms!  I never had this before.

Actually two of the bedrooms are split by a half wall, so the older girls get to have their own "private" decorate and fix up as they please.  They love it. 

I have a "computer room" or school room...whatever you want to call it.  This is where the books are shelved and the computer is currently stationed.  

I have a nice bright sun room or Florida room....whatever you want to call it. It is so nice to sit in there and watch the bird and squirrels outside my window.

baby squirrel we found in yard

I have a remodeled kitchen with granite counter tops!  Love it!  No need for a cutting board...seriously.

The neighborhood itself sits about 2 miles from the main campus of the University here in town.  I am right across the street from shops, a huge movie theatre (not that I frequent this at all...rather get netflix than pay $25 for a movie night), ice-cream shops, restaurants and a hop, skip, and jump from my favorite Grocery store, Publix.  

this room needs some decor badly

It is truly such a wonderful place to live.  My kids have made great friends and love it here so much.  We are nestled deep in this neighborhood on a dead end road with a trail that leads into the nature park.  So beautiful I must add!

Money has been super tight since we moved out of my in-laws.  It seems that I am handling it so much better living in my own house. 
Homeschooling is still ..... homeschooling.   I love doing it but I have my many moments when I say
"why am I doing this again?"

My babies are getting so big.  Sometimes I forget the fact that I have one son who will soon be in the Armed Forces, daughters who are teens, boys who are growing like weeds, and little toddlers who are still wetting beds and in diapers.  Wow!  

My days are full of laughter, 
crying, whining, love, hugs,
teen talks over cups of coffee, 
collecting leaves for our Autumn collage, 
dirty laundry, unfolded laundry, 
hand washing clothes when my washer is broke,
receiving a new washer from a sweet couple at church,
scribbles on my table, 
phone calls from kids' friends, 
neighbor kids hanging out where the action is (my house), 
walks on long nature paths,
throwing sticks to our old German Shepherd, 
cooking low budget meals, 
going to yard sales with my bestie and our teen daughters....
helping relatives get through a crisis

Life is never dull! 

In the midst of broken washers, hardly any money in our pockets,  and stresses in life I have to say 
Lord you know it all....and only YOU can take me through it with a joyful heart!

Peace to you all on this Thanksgiving Eve.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you lovely ladies who read my blog. 

July 9, 2011

June 2011: Our Vacation

Last month a dear friend blessed us with a 7 day stay at her vacation condo!!!  What a Blessing that was!!  We spent the whole time relaxing, taking walks, watching the setting sun daily, swimming, fishing, and so much more.  It was heavenly bliss!!  Here is my monthly slideshow with our vacation photos.   

 Click in the somewhere in the middle of the white box....I still don't know why it shows up should have a picture on it with a Play button....

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May 30, 2011

May 2011: Friendship Smiles--Our month in review

Posting my monthly slideshow.  I had a really great month.  I just love putting this together.  It brings everything back into perspective and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Remember click somewhere in th middle of the box.

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May 24, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

It has been quite sometime since I wrote anything truly from my heart. 

I feel I have avoided typing anything meaningful lately. 

I do post my monthly slide-show but that's about it. 

I have been busy keeping up with schooling,
 chasing the kids around,
keeping them on top of things...

or is it....

I am keeping myself on top of things....

I guess both. 

There are many days where I feel like life just moves....

When I am
not really thinking.....

But then again,
I am....ALWAYS....thinking of life

I know....that....I am...
 Always in thought,
yet not always in serious prayer....
Thinking of what God is revealing in my heart.
the secret place of my heart.

I guess this is where I fail at times...
completely giving my heart in audible prayer.

 does thoughtful,quiet prayer count in a Christian's life?

I am one who ponders on God and prays continually in heart and thoughts
 but many times these prayers don't come out of my

"I need to...."
I always tell myself...

"I just need to make the time and place to just let goooooo.....and....

most of every.time.
they are thought-filled prayers..
prayers that are kept within the
secret chambers of my heart.

So, as I go about my days the thoughts that fill my mind
are thoughts of

"I'm waiting"

Waiting for what???  

That is what I don't know???

I guess life to 

But hasn't it already started...????

It started some odd years ago when I received Christ in my life...

Him BE
the Lord of and in my life. 

The Healer of my heart!!

The Hope of my dreams!!

Didn't it begin those many years ago with
a Love so
yet mysterious. 



What is He doing now...??

What is He showing me now...??

In that hidden place of my

Is it....

How much of an unthankful and pitiful woman I truly am???

How I feel like I haven't yet
mastered being this 
amazing woman,
child of God?

Or is He knocking at the window of my soul.
my core. 
and speaking these words to me.


Could it be that I have never 
let Him 
LOVE ME as he needs to LOVE ME??

love me??

OH yes I know HE does...but have I let Him?

In my search for more of

a dear friend of mine happen to have
recommended a book written by a woman who has a heart for God and a heart to give thanks.

I need to give more thanks...

Thankfulness is truly a healing balm..
an anointing oil.
an elixir to complete enjoyment..
to the most beautiful,
parts of everyday life.

So I introduce you to
 (A Holy Experience)

(I even added some classical music to my blog since I fell in love with the peacefulness of hers)

If you haven't stumbled upon this blog before...
her writing is so beautiful and so encouraging in a way that it truly makes you weep in the awe and love of God.
She is a beautiful writer, with a beautiful heart.  

She has a book called
 "One Thousand Gifts".  
A beautiful, powerful book that reveals her journey into finding a more fulfilled life.  

Here is a glimpse in the type of book it is:  Click on the video to watch.  It takes only a few minutes....It will make you cry, smile, and love your family.....your life even the more!
(Don't forget to pause the music on this blog) 

After watching this short trailer for the book
I had to order it.

it was going to minister to my heart
and it has already.

It arrived yesterday.

I anxiously waited for this book to come in contact with my hands knowing that I was going to embrace every word and allow the Lord to minister to my heart
 through the writings of this lovely author.

"One Thousands Gifts"
 is already so beautiful in my heart...
I had to share with everyone of you.

I know
this book
will make me
ponder those moments of my day

Not to
take each and every moment as "just another day" of everyday humdrum

But another day 
to embrace the gifts he has truly laid before my 

These gifts can easily be overlooked

They can be seen as "nothingness"

In the reality of this life,
each and every moment,
 God brings
about in my life
 is to be
not to be looked down at as
time wasters

Each and every treasured moment is like
different colors being handed to me
for the painting of this mural
called: my life

But how...

How can I lay hold of each moment as
a piece of a puzzle waiting to come into connection
with the other pieces of this very
complex masterpiece??
How do I go figuring it out?

Could it be that I need to just....
slow down a bit
try not to "hurry up"...
 get this "day" over with?

Trying not to make things soooo
incredibly complicated
(aha...I tend to do this ALOT)
but looking 
to understand
that with each and every moment
 He is walking with me....
loving me

May 9, 2011

Captivated in April!!

Here is my monthly picture slideshow I put together to remember beautiful moments during the month.

April was a refreshing month where each and everyday I was captivated by the love of God and my family.

If you can't see the main screen of this slide show just find the center of the square....for some reason it shows "white" or blank....but if you click around the center area you can view it.

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April 1, 2011

Month in Review-Crazy Normal Days in March

Sharing a bit of March!!
My Crazy Normal Days...

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