July 9, 2011

June 2011: Our Vacation

Last month a dear friend blessed us with a 7 day stay at her vacation condo!!!  What a Blessing that was!!  We spent the whole time relaxing, taking walks, watching the setting sun daily, swimming, fishing, and so much more.  It was heavenly bliss!!  Here is my monthly slideshow with our vacation photos.   

 Click in the somewhere in the middle of the white box....I still don't know why it shows up white...it should have a picture on it with a Play button....

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Mrs. Taffy said...

Can I just tell you how happy I am for you!! Yay! What a blessing and a relief! I know you've been so thankful to have a place to be during this time, but I also know how wonderful it will be having your own space! Praise the Lord!

What's FL law about homeschooling? In MN we don't "have" to homeschool or send them to school until they are 7. Do you have a similar law? Then you could be pretty laid back with the two...those little ones pick up so much from the rest of the learning and teaching going on anyway!

Thanks for leaving me a comment! I've missed you so much! Can't wait to see your new place!

love and hugs from Muggy Minnesota!

mylittlecottage said...

nice big home thanks for sharing...blessings