February 20, 2011

A Quick Check in...

  So have you thought about me lately?  Well if so, just don't forget to pray.  I could always...ALWAYS use prayer.

I've been busy about my Father's business.  Yep...just keeping busy doing what brings delight to the Lord....and that is making sure I care for my family wholeheartedly.

 Sooooo.......I thought I would share my day with you all.  Oh and please don't think that I must be superwoman for waking up so early....God's grace...believe me.  Not to long ago (about a December) I was waking up at around 9am...struggling to keep up.  But God's grace is amazing and this is why I have the strength and determination to keep going.  Plus, it's good to talk to people who are like minded and keep you motivated.  You know?

OK....so here it goes:

4:45  I wake, take a potty break, play some worship music and pray till about 5:30.

5:30  I check emails and do a bit of web surfing but not nearly enough time to visit all my bloggy friends and blog.  I usually spend this time doing some more biblical devotions and researching things on my mind....

5:45 Jump in the Shower

6:00 Finish up my grooming and dressing

6:15 Clean up my little trailer (usually put laundry away from the night before, straighten and sweep if I have the time.  That is if I didn't spend to much time on the computer...yikes!

6:30  Walk over to the main house  and begin waking the big kids....and that is a BEGIN waking them.
       ha ha

6:35  Iron Donnie's shirt for work and prep his lunch if not done the night before.

6:45 Make sure the kids are up and dressed....  I start breakfast

7:10  Sit down and eat...read the bible or watch the news some (if the TV is on)

7:30  Usually by now the little ones are waking on their own and I fix their breakfast.

7:40  When the kids are eating I put a load of laundry in

8:00  Dress the little kids, they brush their teeth, and I fix Ana's hair.  Big kids start their school day

8:30  Sit in the Living room and we all read the bible (not with Donnie though---by this time he's left for work)  We are reading through the bible this year.   The big kids stop their work and join us.

9:00  Gather around the piano and little kids sing the song they are memorizing.  Moriah plays and they sing....really cute!  :)

9:15  We move over to the table and each child plus myself picks a name out of the prayer jar and we each take turns praying for our person.

9:30  We then read a short devotion for the day and say a prayer which relates to the devotion.

9:40  By this time I switch out laundry and we begin our school day with the Pledge and then I teach the little boys something in History or Science.  It all depends if we have the time

10:00  Start teaching the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic) each little boy takes a turn with me.   I usually teach until Lunch (noon)  I switch laundry in between these activities.  I try to finish by 2:30

12:00  break for lunch.

1:00  Clean up and chores

2:30  Fold laundry and by this time my mother in law is home.  I usually will call a friend or just chat with my mother in law during this time.  Or whatever else I need to do.  Usually I am chasing down one of the kids and correcting someone....ha ha.

4:30  Dinner prep begins.  It all depends if I'm cooking that night and what is on the menu.

6:00  Donnie comes home and we sit for dinner

7:00  baths and down time

8:30  My goal is for all of us to be in bed by this time.  The kids are usually in bed but I need to make a bigger effort to get in bed myself.  I need the sleep and down time with Donnie in the evenings.

This is my ideal schedule.  I usually do follow the tasks but I don't necessarily stay on time.  So the times are an estimate.  I usually am running behind schedule...but don't we all.

Ok...so now you all know what I do on a daily basis.  I still need to make time to exercise and blog and visit blogs.  Not happening.  Oh and I forgot that in the afternoon hours I try to check the older kids school work.

I am determined to stay on top of this or else I feel rather bad about my day.  And I am determined to accomplish all of this with a joyful heart.  Again...only by the grace of God can I even accomplish any of it.  The past few days I have been feeling extremely tired and it has affected my emotions a bit.  (oh and no I am not pregnant!!)  ha ha.  I know some of you might have thought this...  ha ha!!

So instead of making it my schedule a law....I want to make it life...ONLY as God allows the joy and grace to fill my heart.  I owe it all to Him because without Him nothing would be possible.

Sending my love to all of  you!!


Mrs. Taffy said...

Yes, I've thought about you! I've missed you! Loved seeing your full and busy day-keeping your home! Wonderful!

love and hugs!

Cinnamon said...

Oh my just reading all that made my body ache with tiredness :-)

How good of you to strive each day to do it joyfully! That's what it's about right, enjoying what God has laid in front of us.

Good for you!


Ginger said...

I loved reading this, Chris! It made my heart happy! And a little sad. Oh how I long for the days when I could be home with my children, instead of not only sending them off to school, but daycare after that. It's horrible, and it makes my heart ache for them. I want to scream on the rooftops to everyone contemplating divorce! It is so horrible. With God, ANYTHING can be worked through, and divorce should never be an option! God has turned a very sad thing, into the best possible situation though, with ex-hubby being my best friend, and us co-parenting to (almost) perfection. As we keep the same schedules, rules, punishments, etc. the same, at both houses. But oh how I long for the days of being an exhausted housewife! :) Now I'm an exhausted, single mother of four! Cherish every single moment, Chris. Even the crazy, frustrating, tiring ones! I admire you so much. I admire your family so much. What a wonderful example of God's blessings! Love you lots!

Cheryl said...


Sara L said...

Can you explain what the prayer jar is? Sounds like something I would like to do with our littles - thanks!

covnitkepr1 said...

I’ve been following and enjoying your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.