January 25, 2011

Trials and testing...what is your response??

Has it been that long since I've posted something....my oh my!!  I guess I haven't "made the time" to blog lately, let alone really spend much time on my computer.  Life raising my family can be big rush.   Between homeschooling and mothering, my hours are consumed with family life.  All good of course...

I've been meditating alot on what took place this past year.  Not that I want to go back and retrace my foot steps but I wanted to evaluate what I learned from this past year's trials.  All I know is that last year was a year of pruning in my life.  Ouch and double ouch...!!  

Sadly the Lord revealed to me that  my responses didn't please Him.  As I stand back and re-evaluate I realized that I definitely do not want to respond that way again.  I bet you are all wondering.....hmmmm, what does she mean by her responses."  What I mean is that when I went through the trials, did I respond with faith and love.....With hope and Joy?  Absolutely not!  Yes, I am a spirit filled christian and know the Lord but my heart did not behave as a very good "christian".  Yeah, yeah....I'm human you might say.  I know but why do  I have the power of God living in me or the awareness of His goodness?  It's for our good and to have the power in our spirit to not behave in ungodly ways.  

Another revelation that came this month was that each and every moment of the day we as Christians are going to come across a trial or testing of our faith and love.  Whether big or small, a trial will arise.  Instead of rolling our eyes and thinking "why" or "come on" we can say...."Great!!  I get to practice self-control, patience, love, kindness...."  I've been teaching the children that when they have a "frustrated moment" it's the perfect time for them to practice what is in them.  Are they going to choose the right thing or bow down to the flesh. God would rather us choose His ways.  

So life at home has been very refreshing as I am being trained by the Lord yet again.  I felt like this past year my faith was put to the side.  Oh yes, I was always loving the Lord but not necessarily choosing to walk in godly character.  Whether it be yelling, becoming easily stressed, selfish, jealous, prideful, complaints, no hope or joy....etc, I was not letting the power within me overcome the sinful nature.  This time though I've noticed I am quick to listen to Holy Spirit and running to Him when I can't handle a situation.  I will literally excuse myself from the present situation by going into another room away from others and not allowing myself to lose peace.  And I am daily being reminded that I will face a test or two during my day and it is a wonderful chance to train my spirit-woman.  


Cinnamon said...

I love your post!! You are so right there is the balance between "I'm only human" and "being spirit filled" and what a blessing to be led by the Lord. To look back and see His ever loving and guiding hand directing your heart and pruning you. That's love!!

Big {{hugs}} sweet bloggy friend~ Cinnamon

momto9 said...

I'm so exited for you! Such awesome revelationS! That is my faith also. It's not enough to just be calle d Christian...something must go on inside as well...

Coby said...

Wonderful! How merciful our God is, that He would show us what He wants our responses to trials to be.

I love this what you are teaching your children about dealing with frustration: "it's the perfect itme for them to practice what is in them."

I'm stealing that one! (For my kids AND myself!)

Anonymous said...


I am glad your doing better now. I am in a place in my life where I am really not having time for the computer. It feels kind of nice.


Mrs. A