January 8, 2011

A New Year!!!

Happy New Year all!!  

Hoping all my bloggy friends have been enjoying their new year thus far. 

 I have!!  

There is lots to share but I'll make it quick.  
Donnie started his new job this week and we are so very, very happy to have him home again in the evenings for dinner and in helping me with the children. 
 I didn't think I was going to miss his presence in the evenings but I really did.  The days have been flying by during the day.  It has been nice to get back to a routine (sorta...ha ha).
  It feels nice to know when to expect him home and then I can prepare as such.  

His new job is a great fit for our family. 
 The hours are 8:30am to 5pm.  
This job is selling advertising to publications, so all of his job is at the office...no driving around everywhere as he did with other sales jobs.  
Thank God!!  We get to save on gas...Yahoo!!  
This month is a bit slow for him since he's training but it will soon pick up momentum. 

I am so glad we'll have MONEY!!  
I never thought how thankful I am for being able to buy my own groceries.  I can't wait to make my list.   My heart is leaping with joy just to be able to buy my own food!!

I've been so thankful that my in-laws have been so very gracious to give of themselves to feed and shelter our family.  I will forever be gracious for them and to them.  
I am glad that now we'll be able to give back by doing our part....you know? 

My spirits are lifted and yes I am continually making sure I am being lifted and encouraged by the Lord.   There are times when I have to get alone every few hours to allow the Lord to fill my heart with His true joy.   It is so very important and I can't even imagine how some even survive not having Him in their lives.   

Here are some things we did since the New Year began:

We made some New Year's crowns

Ha ha...Tsavah's crown was a bit laden with glitter!!

And what else to do in Florida but take walks in nice weather...

And biking for the kids...

And while they biked and played...
I sat and knit...
practice makes perfect...right?

A few days later we celebrated Kole's 5th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Kole!!

He had fun making his special banner with winter leaves....

The year has been filling and refreshing already.  I am believing for good things this year!
I am hoping to be and do the best for my family this year. 

Untill I post again....



momto9 said...

sounds to me like things are looking up for you! My hubby says 2011 is a year of changes! I hope he's right...

Mrs. Taffy said...

WOO HOO! Can you hear me whopping it up from Minnesota! I'm so happy for you all! I totally understand the buying your own groceries thing!

I'm so jealous of your flip-flops! It's -4 here today! Can you even imagine?

Thank you God for your Faithfulness!

love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mommy :)

I tagged you on my blog! Just please do the tag!




Anonymous said...

It's great to hear things are coming together for you guys! God bless you! (hugs) :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Muchacha!

I miss your posts! Can you write another one already?!?!

Dios te bendiga! xoxo

Mrs. A