November 22, 2010

I should be sleeping....

Why should I be sleeping....

Well you might think it's the morning or the middle of the day...

it all depends on when you are reading this post.  

Well I should be sleeping because it's acutally about midnight.  

So how does this effect your reading....does it make you sorta sleepy like I am?

Not having sleep or being so tired makes me giddy and loopy a bit.  

The kids love it and think it is the funniest thing because I'll say weird things. 

So how do I act when I need to be sleeping...

I start to act really, really silly.

Like maybe I had a few drinks. I drink?  

 Actually I haven't touched any wine in quite a few months. 

 Now please....


if you think I'm some sort of alcoholic....oh please don't think this!!  

 When I say I have had wine in the's when I have a glass with dinner...on occasion or maybe when I cook with dinner...but it depends on what I am making.  

You know what I think is really unbelievable is when you share something and then some anonymous person comes to make you feel like a rat in a sewer.  


Some people.

So this whole thing reminds me of when I had posted about drinking wine and I literally had some nasty comments sent to me asking "how could I be a Christian if I drank wine?".  

Which led to indirectly calling me a w**re because I exposed my thigh when I was wearing my shorts in one of my pictures.

Then shortly after this post I noticed there were some "godly" women who didn't come back to my blog because I must have not been "godly" enough for them.  

Really sad I tell you. 

I would go to their blogs and visit and say hello but they would never respond back or visit after they had been visiting me.  

So now I don't go back to their blogs

So I just said...."oh well...don't need them anyway."  

Yeah, it does hurt a bit....well it did.  

It just makes me love those unlovable people the more.  

or those that have their imperfections....

I don't need to walk with a high and mighty righteous attitude thinking I'm the best when in reality

I am NOTHING without Christ.  

I hope I don't get slammed for sharing this post. 

Or lose more followers. 

 I've struggled with being totally open about my thoughts, opinions and what I believe because part of me doesn't want to lose some bloggy friends.  

Or some to think negative or bad of me....

Or being judged....

But in the end....

you know your true friends when they are still around even when you share the bad, ugly or even things we might differ on. 

Those are the friends you want to hang on to.....

 the ones who will still come around and say hi even if they don't drink wine or what have you.  

Those are the friends that matter.  

Ok so why am I saying all of this???  

Oh it's one of those things that I decided to do to spice up my blog a bit....
just be random and speak my mind.  

Oh I was talking about not having much sleep....

y..e..a..h.....that's right....

this sort of stuff comes out of me when I'm a bit sleepy and when it's really late at night.  

And I'm saying "OH" way to much....

Good night gotta go to bed now....


momto9 said...

Well here I am..saying hi and guess what it's 12:38AM good night...try not to expose too much thigh in your sleep! HA HA! Ok maybe that's not even funny...So I better go drink some wine!

Cinnamon said...

You know what I like about you? You have a sweet heart. Your desire to know the Lord more and more and be real to HIM. That's precious!

I will come back and if we lived nearby I'd still come over, except if you were serving squid or some other creature. I just couldn't eat it :-p

hope you had a restful night~


Mrs. Taffy said...

People are so ridiculous! I've gotten some rude comments on my blog from people from time to time...some have been my friends, some complete strangers. I ignore the strangers and try to make ammends with the friends, but some people get so stuck in their opinions and judgments they can't hear or LOVE properly! Crazy!

I've been wishing I could have a glass of wine lately because my stomach has been driving me crazy and wine usually settles it down. If anybody's ever eaten risotto, it's usually made with white wine-gasp! :)

Hope you got to bed and got a good nights sleep!

Hubby took me to IKEA yesterday...I've been rearranging all morning and my back is killing me! It's so worth it though!

Love and hugs,

The Mayo Family said...

Just read this Mon/eve...
I do hope you did sleep well after all. :)
My family says I 'ramble' when I need to go to bed! :) do not fret, if God pricks on things we must hear...if its through others fine...(God often uses others to help us on our way) do not let yourself feel hurt over others that would judge & show "no love"...
I do not know really what all your referring to how ever...if we have not love we...:)
So, friend you be who you are, what "GOD" calls 'YOU' TO BE & your "HUBBY" worry not on mans opinion! I believe I for one have shared with you that I/we have been blessed by just that your "realness"...
So, let me know when Cinnamon is coming we all will have a good chat! I have personally meet her & what you see in her true beauty through out is the love of God! She is a jewel so I am coming with!
Have a great night/day!

Veronica @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...


This is one of the reasons I LOVE YOU! I know we have differing opinions on some things, (Not the wine, because I also like a nice glass of Chianti when I get the chance to go out to dinner with just my hubby and I wear shorts when it's hot, so sue me) but we can maintain a friendship that blesses me. So much so, that the other day I said to Tim, "Guess who is coming to visit us that lives out of state, and I would love to see, and you'll never guess!" He answered, "Chris from FL?" haha, that was so random, but that goes to show you that I love you and obviously consider you a friend.

Loved your candidness and love your thighs, too. XOXO