September 25, 2010

A Closer Look...

have I been BUSY!!

This country lifestyle and living with my in-laws has really made me very accountable.
  Not that anyone is accounting for anything.  
I am keeping myself accountable......

Little ole' me, myself, and I have laid out all the do's and don't of what to do around here.
Plus....being close to my hubby makes me ultra accountable.

Yeah...he's become like the "principal" around here.  
He makes sure I'm up, dressed, and ready for breakfast before 7 am. 
Breakfast can be anything from toast, oatmeal, sticky buns and many days.....cold cereal. 

The past few days I've been dragging out of bed to a brewing pot of coffee my mom-in-law (Mema) has made and children already stirring in the kitchen. 

Yeah....even the kids are getting up early to start school. 
 Kinda nice....

The older three do their schooling with dad after morning bible and I school Shiloh, Galen, and Kole.  
Older kids finish up with dad around 9:30 AM and I'm still plugging along until about 11:00 or sometimes into noon.....
Then we are off to do chores. 

My in-laws house is so easy to clean and straighten. 
I can't place my finger on it but it might be because it's smaller than my old house

Mostly Carpet to vacuum
I love to I save this for ME...  
HA HA!!  

If it's just me  picking up around here....the chores would take a total of an hour. 
So with help...I'm done very quickly. 

I've also been doing laundry on a daily letting it stack....

in my little camper all I have to do is make the bed and pick up just a bit...
takes just a few minutes in the morning.

It also feels like I have more time, though.
You would think I'd be on the computer with all the extra time I do have.

Most of the time the computer is being used by Donnie
I just can't seem to allow myself on Mema's computer which is sitting in her bedroom.
I've used it a few times to check my email for a few minutes and pull a recipe up but that's about it.
Most of my time I'm being watchful of the kids so they're not tearing up her house.

Just the other day...
I had turned my back and lo and behold there was Ephraim sitting on the couch with his bowl of soup that spilled all over his lap.

He's crying and I'm dragging him straight to the bathroom to strip him down and place him under cold water.
The soup was mild in temp but he still kept saying he was "burning".
He's OK! life feels so simple.
Like I said....staying off the computer has given me more time where I find myself thinking....
"What do I do now?"

As I am settling in to a routine of sorts,
I find myself pondering about life.

What is the purpose of this journey?
What lessons are there to learn?

I believe there is lots of learning still to be done... I am ready to learn and grow in many different ways. 

I will leave you with a tour of my little place.

View from the front door

I have to "jump into the bedroom,  I can fit the mattress with just a little walking room on the sides

"kitchen table"

Good size sinks

Bathroom with running hot water and a teeny tiny showe/bath just my size.

Bathroom sink right outside the bathroom

one of the closests

view from the kitchen area


Amanda said...

oh how I enjoyed reading your post!! I love knowing how your doing Chris!

Your husband gets you up before 7 PM!! wow, you lucky girl, you get to sleep allllll day :P ;) I know it is a typo but I couldn't resist teasing you! haha!

I love your caravan... I could live in one easily. Once the kids leave home, that is lol.

Love and hugs to you and so good to hear you're doing well...

momto9 said...

I've really enjoyed getting caught up with you. Good to hear you're finding a lot of good in your situation!!!your trailer is cute:) noticed you put a full size fridge in there:)

Cinnamon said...

Isn't that wonderful, simplicity!! It's always so freeing~ enjoy it :-)

Loved all the updates and pictures.


Mrs. Taffy said...

What a lovely update! I'm so proud of you! I love hearing how well it's going! Is Donnie's business starting to grow then? Do the big kids do their school in your "cottage?" Praying the Lord continues to bless you and "grow" you and fill your heart with contentment and peace!

love you!

mommyx12 said...

Looks comphy and cozy if you ask me. And just think of all the housework you are getting out of!

Coby said...

Loved reading this...and I love simplifying my life. I'm so much more at peace when I simplify things. Why do I ever try to complicate things???

So glad to see you're settled in!

Rosemi said...

I sure have missed you. Everything you said here sounds wonderful. I love your cheerful way of writing. I always leave here encouraged.


The Mayo Family said...

Oh dear one you are a bright light!
I have not been over to visit since I knew you were moving & stopped over and had to show my girls how...happy, content and willing to do what is to be done "cheerfully" for your hubby & family! You are a testimony! Thank you for sharing this with friends!
I will continue to pray for you, your hubby buss, children, schooling and all!
Blessings to you & yours~