August 20, 2010

A fun day!

Yesterday was such a fun day.
We went on over to the museum of Florida natural history.  
We haven't been in months maybe even a year.  

This museum is about 15 minutes from home and free of charge.
I have no idea WHY we haven't enjoyed it much more? 

Donnie joined us and we made a family date out of it.   
The kids all had fun searching for something to "learn" about.  

Daddy doing what he does best....TEACHING

Moriah telling the boys what exactly they were looking at

Shiloh my scientist

Cautiously entering the dark cave
Curious Kole
lots to see
Lots to learn
Playtime in the playroom
Kole and I had a blast playing this giant matching game
Today I received my comforters from my sweet friend.  
She gave me three comforters,
lots and lots of towels, 
a nice lamp (on the right),
the decorative planter (it sits to the left of my bed). 

Here is one of the sets I received.  
so I am NOT a person who has any decorative flair.
I just threw everything together...
I know...I know...
I need help.  
ha ha. 


My heart is a bit heavy today.
We are still not sure what our living arrangements for next month will be. 
Please pray that I will have peace in my heart to be content in whatever may take place.  

But you know what???
God continues to bless in amazing ways.

Someone blessed us with a few hundred dollars

We received a nice letter from Donnie's grandma with $150 

I am humbled and thank God for His love towards me and my family.  
He is truly an amazing Father! :)

I see all of this as supernatural!!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love field trips and this one looks like fun!

So I've been catching up with your blog. I didn't see a post regarding the results of your kid's Color Guard competition. You'll have to let me know! I've been wondering what happened with that. Did they have a good time in Oregon?

Love your new bed. I'm so sorry to hear things are incredibly tight for you guys. Praying God will give you some relief soon. It is so neat to hear of the way God is blessing you guys in the big and little things.


momto9 said...

That's my prayer too that I may be content and faithful in whatever God brings my way. If you have that attitude it will go well for you no matte where you live sweet friend!
I loved your fun day and especially the pic with the whole row of your own kids. Don't you just love days like that. I could do that every day!!:)

Mrs. Taffy said...

What a fun day!

Your bed looks lovely! I think you did a great job!

The last part reminded me of something...when we were in the thick of our trial and I would start getting full of worry and anxiety, I would remember that song by Mercy Me (it's actually a scripture in Revelation) "Hold Fast Help is on the way..." God knows! Still praying!

love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

I'll remember you in my prayers.

Love, Rosemi


Coby said...

I love the comforter and think you did a great job putting it all together! The color of the comforter against the headboard is gorgeous!

Praying for you, that your heart would be content and at peace.

Veronica @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

That place looks like fun! Your kiddos are so cute, Girl!

And, yep, once again, it is proven we are sisters, because I have no decorative flair either, lol. But, the comforter and lamps are really pretty! So, I am so impressed!

I am lifting you up in prayer, Mama, as you trust the Lord to show you what he has for all of you regarding the living arrangements! He is constantly showing himself faithful, isn't he?