August 4, 2010

Uncertain times in Life

Ups and downs

downs and ups

Sometimes life feels like a roller coaster ride

Not knowing what tomorrow may bring.

Life has been a bit like this lately for me.

New things

exciting things

scary things

and then

not really knowing what is coming around the corner

but staying peaceful....

Grace fills my heart

knowing the Lord is leading

Yep...there may be things I might not want to happen

but then it might just happen

This week is going to be extra busy

I'm getting the kids schooling ready and the panicky feeling is hitting home

ok...not home per se

but my insides...yeah, I'm peaceful about the bigger picture of my life

Summer is ending for us

 I feel like I didn't really get that much done.

I did enjoy it very much's been so refreshing to


Still things remain unfinished

thus the panic

I have many plans and hoping I can get those to happen

We'll see....

School will start (hopefully) next week...

that's if everything goes as planned. 

Not sure though...not sure! 

ha ha ha

Hubby's been working out of the house lately so my computer access has been limited

maybe that's a good thing...

Things can get done around here. 

He's revamping his business

just hoping things work out for us...

yep...even in uncertain times

peace remains in my heart


Rosemi said...

I have been feeling a little bit like that too. Times like these are great opportunities to lean on God.

Blessings! xox

Mrs. Taffy said...

Aren't you thankful for Jesus during these hard times, knowing that He is with us and we aren't alone...that's where the peace comes from!

Do you have everything you need for this next school year? I totally understand that panicky feeling! It happens when I sit down to plan, but slowing starts going away as the words get on the paper and out of my brain! It's a big job! I know you'll do great!

love and hugs,

mommyx12 said...

Definitely feel closer to the Lord in trying and uncertain times. I find it's very important too to not let my heart wander when I'm facing uncertainty.

be blessed,

Cinnamon said...

Oh yes, God has used those times to help me rest in Him. What amazes me now, with my hubby gone, is I don't feel like I have to "try" and have peace. He just gives me peace. All the worries I have, don't seem so big or bothersome as He allows me (not that I'm so strong or filled with a great faith) to trust in HIM completely!

What a great God!!