August 9, 2010

My Hubby's Elvis Campaign

It is quite interesting


 and fun to be married to a man who has such a wonderful sense of humor.

He is a character just on his own

but look out when he dresses up in some sort of costume and becomes another character. 


How about when it's for his JOB??!!

No....he is not...

an actor

nor works at a theme park

or even a carnival
Yeah....he did travel with a carnival as a child but that's another story...

Oh and he did want to be a clown when he grew up..
That....he is by nature

He doesn't have to dress up for that. 

He's a businessman!!  

a Salesman!!

but not a traditional sort of salesman....

nope not my husband. 

You see he has to bring some sort of funniness into everything he does

Today he launched the Business Rockstar (his business) campaign
to offer his services with web video.   
He dressed  up as Elvis and went to businesses passing out jelly donuts.  

oh boy...I told him I DO NOT want to be seen with him dressed like this.  

ha ha!!

getting the morning donuts at Dunkin Donuts
Moriah went out with him getting it all on video and pictures.

She even dressed the part.  
She looked so adorable in her "sixty's attire"...
well you know...the vintage look

teased her hair and donned a cute baby doll dress with a scarf around her neck.....

real cute!!  :)
I don't have a picture of her but maybe I'll get one when she goes out with Elvis again...

She loves her daddy 

She is such a sport to follow him around for an entire day....

ha ha...

Here he is at our pediatrician's office
Here he is with our pediatrician....ha ha
Yep....he made his rounds of businesses
He is just toooo much!!

Here is the link to his business... check out his video

Business Rockstar

ps...  As I was typing this post a friend of mine came by to bless me with a grocery gift card for $100.  Can you believe it???  God is so awesome and He is meeting our needs!! :)


mommyx12 said...

Too funny. Good for you getting that gift card. That is awesome.

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

How great is that!!!
I know God will truly bless him for his creativness. And I'm sure people will remember him!!

Love it!

Mrs. Taffy said...

He's just great! I pray this works to bring him LOTS of business!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

PTL! How wonderful to get such a gift!

Your husband is a real crack up!

Anonymous said...

Your husband is too cool! Lol... Thanks for sharing. :D

God Bless You! xox

Anonymous said...

Daddy is so too funny!!!!

momto9 said...

ha ha so funny! I looked at the funny and cool!
I hope you get lots of business!