July 18, 2010

Our very wet 4th of July..

Our 4th of July was celebrated on the 3rd

Why was that?

The city we live in celebrates the 4th on the 3rd....

I really have no clue as to why they do this

It has always been like this....I've never asked

So on the 3rd, we ventured over to the central location of the celebration

It was a very wet weekend....due to the tropical depression off the west coast

The city had asked the Color Guard team to present the colors before fireworks that evening

So if it wasn't for them performing we would have stayed home
Here we are finding a dry place to sit....

So......after a few sprinkles of rain from time to time
we finally settled down shared a nice dinner

Donnie grabbed some of his funny hats for the kids to wear

(i'm so glad he decided to leave his uncle sam costume at home...yikes)

Ana had a blast trying these hats on....isn't she so cute!  :)

We waited for the evening to begin

I loved the time spent chatting and watching the kids run and play

As the jazz tunes resonated from the live band on stage,

Donnie played with the kids with this pool inflate

Yeah.....I know.....
I had no clue he brought this

I said "honey are you planning on swimming out here?"

He thinks of the wackiest ways to entertain our children

Since he couldn't find the football....this came into use

ha ha

The older kids were dressed for their performance

Donnie came prepared to catch them in action

Yes...I was a good sport and lounged on the wet grass since I forgot to bring lawn chairs

I did bring a blanket that came in handy to keep us "dry" during the torrential down pour

We look dry don't we? 
yeah right...

As the sun went down and before the rain, 

the children played with these light up star necklaces 

the Color Guard stayed dry under the shelter...good thing!

And finally..... after about an hour of postponing the fireworks

because of the rain


We all enjoyed our happy and wet 3rd or rather "4th of July"

Here is a sneak peek of my next post....

Loved it!!


99ToGo said...

You have such a beautiful family!! I love the 15th wedding anniversary festivities :)

Mrs. Taffy said...

You guys will NEVER forget that fourth of July-NEVER! Your husband seems like a lot of fun!

I couldn't get the video to play, but it could be because I'm sitting outside on my deck, surrounded by citrinela (sp?) torches...

much love,

Jennifer said...

fun family memories!

Samantha said...

Even with all that rain, it looks like a 4th to remember. I really like the one of all the wet ones huddled under the blanket. Great captures. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah ! I wish that we had a 4th of july just like that ! even with the rain ! so fun !