May 14, 2010

A Thumb Nail of my Month!

Ephraim (Aka "Ephee") hanging out!

I am still missing in action...... well sorta.....I decided to post a few thumbnails of my month. I can't go into great details since I am not going to take the time and type it out. I would be here for hours and so would you!! For you to really get the gist of what is "really" going on in my personal life, you would need to sit down and have a nice hot cup of coffee preferably at a Starbucks or Barnie' pick.... I'm not to picky really. :)

So where do I begin.....hmmmmmm....... How about some pictures of the kids enjoying themselves?


Justin with his buddy Tyler

Silly Teens!!

Galen high up in the tree
I don't know who took this picture and didn't know he was up this high!

No Make up on me this day!!
I am so glad my honey loves me even when I look like this..... :)

At Mema's and Pops getting ready to hunt for Easter Eggs.

Ana trying to eat the egg

Moriah with her buddy Ephee....what a great big sister!

All smiles and look at all those eggs FILLED with LOTS of

In the midst of having fun and relaxing we've been doing the regular day to day

Piano practice
The cat looks as she is singing... ha ha ha

Ana learning how to unload the dishwasher

Lots of mopping

Daily dishes

Lots of studying

Yard work

Painting the Boys room
This is a project I was waiting to accomplish

More fun times

And sweet sleepy times!
(and yep, they are REALLY posing..this is how they fell asleep one evening on my bed)

As you all know my husband left his "corporate job" to start a business. Well..... the business is still alive, but he hasn't worked it. There are still some "kinks" to work out. So for now he is working a job with his friend and yep, money has been so very tight. Tight isn't even a word to describe our situation. Basically, we are living a life of trusting the Lord to meet our basic needs. God has been so very faithful to meet our needs of housing, food, and gas to drive. The Lord has truly sent his "angels" to help us. My eyes well up in tears when I think of God's faithfulness.

I have good days and bad days. There are days when I flow in the amazing power of God's love and care; Then there are days when I feel like God doesn't even care and I am drowning. But guess what, he is ALWAYS there to rescue me! I have come to find out that pouting, complaining, and crying isn't going to help at all (even though sometimes it feels good). It won't make my situation any better other than I lose trust in God. Doubt and faithlessness never brings any only prolongs the work being done in the secret place. I can't take myself down that road!! ONLY faith and trusting in God can lift my spirits and this is the place I truly experience His faithfulness and miracles! I've seen Him working and it is BEAUTIFUL place to be in!

I didn't think I was going to share all of this! There is so much more and I know that one day when I look back to this season of life....(when my husband is making his millions) :)...... I will know what a difference I am making when I give to the poor or to speak words of encouragement to a mom who feels there is no way out of her situation. I will be there to help, give, and be used by the Lord in so many amazing ways. So in the midst of my own internal and external struggles, I am being gifted with encouragement in many ways I don't truly understand. It is truly exciting!!

Gotta run.....Till we meet again on this blog......



mommyx12 said...

Looks like a great month. I love the blue color.

Mrs. Taffy said...

Oh...wonderful post Chris! I love all the pictures! Good job on the painting! Do your boys really sleep like that? It's adorable! Your baby girl still makes me jealous...she's so precious! :o)

I know what you are going through, all too well. And I know that God is faithful. He loves our child-like faith! I think many Believers are going through these kinds of trails so the Lord can teach us how to trust Him instead of the putting our trust in the things we have control over (or feel like we have control over-income mainly). Completely surrendered...totally helpless...leaning continually. He is our Rock. My prayers are for you and over you!

Much love friend,