May 24, 2010

My Testimony Part 4 and Bathroom Maintenance 3

Our conversation continues....

Truly... I feel like I am chatting away with my friends....
especially you Mrs. Taffy....
ha ha ha

This recording is actually at the 3:51 mark
even though the player shows it going over 4 minutes
Don't let that fool ya!!

So I cut it down even more

keep the questions coming
if you visit here
and join in on the

Kole being silly behind me!
Remember to ignore the unorganized book shelf!


Mrs. Taffy said...

LOVE that picture!!

Guess what? Today it's 92! Pant Pant Pant...I won't let my little ones out! HOT! :o) My veggies like it though and are growing like crazy in this heat!

I think it takes Tirzah about 20 minutes to do the upstairs bathroom. It's the bigger bathroom. It takes Jonah about 30 minutes to do the smaller one, he has a more laid back pace. :o) I get Charlie's Soap on-line, I originally got into buying it because it's awesome for cloth diapers! Are you using yours? :o) Another question for you! lol Even though we don't have anyone in diapers anymore, I still use it for our clothes and for general cleaning. Just google it.

Our toilets and sinks are porcelain, so the comet doesn't seem to scratch. I wouldn't use that on the countertop or floor.

Thanks for answering the question about the accent. Want to know something else interesting? I have a friend who was born and raised in South Africa and she has a lovely accent, she lives here now. I believe she came over for college originally. Well, she homeschools her children, and her little daughter has picked up her accent! It's a very mild version, but I can hear it and it's adorable! I never knew that could happen, but I guess because she's being taught by her mom only, that's what's happened! Cool!

P.S. I would love to come and fix up that bookshelf for you! Oh how fun that would be for me! :o)

Leslie said...

Beautiful chldren! Keep on cleaning!

Traci Michele said...

Thanks for following and visiting Ordinary Inspirations! I'm a follower your blog now :-)

Visit anytime.