May 23, 2010

My Testimony Part 3 and Bathroom Maintenance Part 2

It is even shorter today!

I think I am getting the hang of this thing now.

My goal is for it to be short and sweet, yet still encouraging and fun.

Like my new pic
ha ha
this is me with my glasses and all made up.
Most of my pictures have been taken with NO makeup
fresh out of bed.
ha ha

use me as

while you surf the net or check your mail

I welcome ALL comments
Lets have fun with this interaction....

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Mrs. Taffy said...

Hi Chris!

Tirzah cleans the upstairs bathroom twice a week, I think it's Tuesday afternoon and Friday afternoon. Jonah cleans the downstairs bath on Monday Evening and Thursday evening. They clean the toilet, inside and out, the sink, countertop, floor, sweep, empty trash and wipe up any tooth paste on the cupboards. I clean the shower...because I think it would be torture to make Tirzah do that, it's pretty yucky and time consuming. :o)

They use ajax or comet for the toilet and sink, windex for the glass, and Charlie's Soap for everything else. They could probably use the Charlie's soap for the toilet and sink, but I like the abrasiveness of the comet, to make it shiny. They only use a little bit.

Oh, I just remembered, Solomon empties the trash one other time during the week as well. It's gets full pretty quickly with little cups. :o)

It's so hot here today...87 with super high humidity. I turned my air on. Probably sound coolish to you huh?

Say, Tirzah noticed you don't have an accent. Where'd it go? :o) Is that a good question for you? I've been trying to think of one!