February 6, 2010

Why can some be so nasty and mean about their "laws"

I just need to vent because this is my blog. And you know what? I am a real person who gets a little bent out of shape sometimes......you know?

Why do some insist on coming back and being venomous? This whole time I have been trying to be kind and loving dealing with this whole skirt or no skirt thing and some insist on biting back. I leave it to God.

Yes, it is hurtful and my heart grieves. I just had to add to my post. I haven't even posted some of the comments because they are getting very nasty. Accusing me of being ungodly. How sad can some religious people be...so darn sad. :( This is a poison to the faith in our Lord Jesus.

Imagine how Jesus must have felt when those religious Jews went around talking bad about Jesus for being a lover to the sinner and yes, he broke the Law by doing good works on the sabbath and touching lepers and not washing his hands. These were the laws laid out in the scriptures and He broke them. The religious were MAD!! Unfortunately, today we have the same. Unbelievable!!

And please oh please understand my heart.....by no means am I promoting sin. My ladies who follow me, know me and I have nothing to hide. I don't know why this has bothered me so.....but it just proves once again what I have been feeling in my heart lately.


Rachel and Family said...

I am enjoying reading your blog.

Mrs. Taffy said...

Hang in there friend! It's a silly argument, the Bible calls it "doubtful things." Really no point in arguing...praying that the Holy Spirit surrounds you with His peace!

Hugs from MN,

Chris in FL said...

Yeah, I know it is really silly. I don't know why I let things bother me so much sometimes.

Hugs back to ya,

Anonymous said...

Wow its so funny that you go off on a big lo ng post whenever I make a comment. Well it doesn't bother me. And me and you both know the comments weren't nasty they were proving you wrong and you didnt want to post them. And you twist everything i say and put words in my mouth. So its like talking to a wall. Wow this is so stupid, just go ahead and only post comments that agree with you, I don't know how you have this time to do this with 8 kids! The world is full of false teachings, thats why I cant come back to this blog.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Chris, because anytime someone is nasty, you are forced to examine your heart, your motives and such. Chris, I know that all the above is pure. Do not worry about what people say, you worry about what God wants you to say and do. If you lose followers oh well. It is a natural seperation and maybe one that needed to happen.

It gives you a little taste of how Jesus felt as he was mocked and insulted as he was on the cross, DYING for those VERY sins! I don't know how he did it? I get my feelings hurt over the slightest hint of meanness.

Chris, it bothers you because you are human. What hurts is that you were trying to be helpful (maybe giving someone permission to be set free from legalism) and instead you were viciously attacked (shame on you, you know who you are you) by a "sister or brother" in Christ. This person is obviously not promoting unity in the Body, which Jesus clearly outlined again and again in Scripture. If we disagree with one another, we shold do so in love.

Chris, I want you to know that I love you and think you are a wonderful, real Christian, mother who is doing her best to live a godly life.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous,

if you know love please exhibit it.
from reading your comments,I see
no love or understanding.
how can you call someone ungodly
and etc.if you don't know them
Go figure.
maybe narrow minded or synical.
Some day you will mature and see,
hopefully, if you keep seeking GOD.

mema of 12