October 4, 2009

My Ephraim Tobias (Ephee) turns two--Sharing his home birth

Ephraim Tobias turned two years old the other day, September 28th.  I know I'm a bit late on posting but I had Tsavah's birthday post first and since I only post about once a week...I waited.  ha ha.

We didn't do much for his birthday.  Actually....he didn't even know it was his birthday.  What two year old really does?  The day before,  he went over to his Mema's and Pops house and they sang happy birthday to all those having a birthday in September.  I think there were 4 birthday celebrations!!  So on his birthday we just sang happy birthday and gave him a balloons.  Yep, no big toys and not much money spent.  The kids have so many toys anyway, I could have wrapped an old toy and he wouldn't have known.  Ha ha.

Ephee's (pronounced ee-fee and we pronounce Ephraim:  ee-fram) home birth was the last one I had.  I delivered Ana at the hospital.  Having Ephraim at home was such a great experience.  He was my 4th home water birth.  I don't even think I've ever shared Ephee's  home birth.  Ok, hopefully I can remember......

On the morning of September 28, 2006, one day after my due date, at about 7:00 am I woke up with some mild contractions.  Nothing to call the midwife about.  I remember sitting in bed, hoping and praying that I would start labor.  As I was laying in bed, I felt like I needed to speak to my body and "command" it to line up under the obedience of Christ.  I did just that.  I said it just like this "Uterus, I command you right now to start contracting. Line up under the obedience of Christ and be obedient body.  Start working, start contracting."  Well....within 20-30 I felt a small jolt or pop feeling.  I didn't think it was my water since I wasn't "wet".  I then got up and went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and felt water come out (sorry for the details...ha ha) I thought it was pee but when I looked into the toilet there was white vernix floating around.  I immediately called my midwife and she said to start walking around and that she would start preparing to come.  yeah...we were going to have a baby.

I woke the kids up and we were so excited.  I called my mother in law to pick the kids up.  The plan was for her to come and go as she please and have Justin and Moriah be present for the birth.  I walked down the road and each time I walked water kept gushing out.  I still had no hard contractions.  My midwife comes over around 1:30 pm and makes me drink castor oil in a strawberry milk shake.  Yuck.  She said that contractions should start a couple hours from drinking.  Within 1/2 hour I was on the toilet non stop.  ewww.  That was not fun.  I was having contractions and pooping at the same time.  I know....to graphic.  I will spare the details.  :()  At around 3:30pm I started active labor.  At around 6:00 pm she came to inflate the birth tub.  But I didn't get into the tub until around 7:30 pm.  Oh when she came around 6:00 pm, I was around 3 cm.  I was not happy.  By this time, I was still going to the bathroom but nothing was coming out.  I know.....not fun!!  :(

Once I got into the tub, I stayed in there and just sang songs of worship to get me through each contractions.  I kept singing the song "Glorious"--"you make everything glorious, you make everything glorious, I am yours.... So what doest that make me".  Yeah, this song. :)  Donnie, Justin, and Moriah were in the other room with the midwives watching "End of the Spear".  those Indian grunting noises the people in the movie was not helping my focus.  I was in my bedroom with the door slightly crack but I could hear everything going on.  I couldn't stand it!!  When I hit transition, I was so impatient.  I lost all focus, stopped singing, and wanted the baby to come "RIGHT NOW!!"  I was telling the baby to COME ON, NOW!!

Right before pushing, Donnie and the kids walk in and start snapping pictures.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!! (I thought and closed my eyes).  When it was time for pushing and birthing this little guy (who I thought might be a girl) I birthed his head but had no energy to push the rest of him out.  He had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice.  Again, I had no energy.  Then she asked Donnie to lift me up out of the water so I can birth him standing.  Poor Donnie.  His back was killing him after this whole ordeal.  Oh, and now my 13 yr. old son saw my bare behind.  It wasn't a very modest moment for me.  One more push and he was born at around 9:45 pm......ANOTHER BOY!!!!!  You little booger!!!.  This is exactly what came out of my mouth when he was born.  ha ha ha.   I was so glad it was over and now had my hairy boy right in my arms.  Best part after all that hard work.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

The story behind his name is that we didn't like his name so he didn't have a name for three days after birth.  Donnie had received the name Ephraim from the Lord a month before his birth and shared it with me days before his birth.  Yuck.  I didn't like his name.  And Donnie didn't care for it either.  Maybe we had heard wrong.  Nope he didn't.  I then accepted his name but wanted to call him "Toby".  The Lord rebuked me the next day and said "This is the name I have given him and you will call him by this name".  Ouch!!  I said "yes, Lord" His nickname is Ephee.  I don't feel convicted about calling him this though.  :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Isn't Ephraim the cutest?  He is so cute.  I can't stop kissing his kissable cheeks and lips. 


Mrs. Taffy said...

Oh Christine you CRACK ME UP! That was beautiful! Laffy Taffy was my first home-birth! I had him on the bed though, not in the tub! It was an amazing experience! I would do it again for sure! We thought Laffy was going to be a girl too! Maybe next time? ;o) He didn't have a name when he was born! Your little guy is adorable! I can see why you can't stop kissing his sweet face! You are a blessed woman! Hugs from MN!

The Munck Family said...

Sweet little boy ...and perfect name!

Anonymous said...

It's actually pronounced ee-fray-im

His name means Double-Good Fruit..not like Wrigley's gum.
The coolest confirmation of it all is that he was born on the first day of the Feast of Succoth. This is the Jewish feast in which they built temporary shacks to live in, and were able to begin thanking Yahweh and partaking of the bounty of this year's harvest, while believing that God was the source for the next. On this firs day, it was customary to present a Citron fruit in the home...the Double Good Fruit.

Chris in FL said...

Ok Honey,

You know how long it took me to actually pronounce his name and I'm still saying it wrong? ha ha ...after 2 years. ha ha

It sounds like ee-fram to me....like you were saying "fran" but with an "m" OK...

And the rest of my hubby's comment is right on. I forget all the details. love you hon!!

Chris in FL said...

Oh, "fram" but with a country sounding southern twang at the end. Why does God gives us such complicated names for our children. Not even their own mother can pronounce their name correctly. ha ha ha.


Natalie said...

I think those are great names. Tsavah is beautiful : ) I'm glad I was able to post about baby naming. It's so important and really fun too. I guess I got nervous because someone said if our baby's name was too weird they wouldn't use it, they'd call her something else or call her by a nickname. Also not cool I think unless the parents tell you it's OK :) thanks for coming by. I think I will do a contest, I'm curious about other names too : )
HAve a great week Chris !!