July 24, 2009

The Mysterious Package

Today I received a mysterious package in the mail. Here is what happened in a matter of minutes of receiving this package.

My 7yr old, Shiloh walks in with the package saying "Mom you got a package in the mail."

I look at him with my brows turned up and with a confused look and answer:


"Who sent me something?"

"I never ordered anything"--then i was thinking I accidently had ordered something from ebay, while listing my books I was selling or the books I had mailed out came back. OH NO!!!

I figured that didn't happen. So then I say "Oh, maybe it's from Grandma Coffey" (pronounced coffee) My hubby's grandma who always send us stuff. Nope it wasn't from Grandma.

I look over at my husband working hard on the computer "Honey, did you order anything?"

Not listening to a word I just said...says hmmm.

Then a creepy thought crosses my mind "Oh no...... maybe it's a bomb!!"

Then I finally pick up the package,feel it, smell it, and look at the address, thinking " Who is White?" Then I look at the address ........thinking "who's out in California?" Thinking...."should I go throw this in the dumpster, run out of the house, call the police?" Many thoughts of "what to do" can cross a person's mind when thinking it's a bomb.

Then the light bulb goes on "Ohhhhh....Yay....my coffee I won from the blog. I totally forgot!!"

All of this went on in my head and out of my mouth in a matter of a minute. LOL

I had played a "question contest" on my bloggy friend's blog Raising Miracles and won the contest! As my prize, I received two big bags of yummy smelling coffee. (I still need to brew a cup...so can't say "tasted" yet.) Good thing it wasn't a bomb!!! Or my books being returned!!!

Hope all is well this week and I am going to post more pics of my vacation.

Till then....



God, My Savior Forever! said...

Hi Chris!

You are the second person that tells me they would put a paperclip for braces lol. Glad I made you laugh:D

I am actually hispanic, from Costa Rica so my native language is spanish but I took Portuguese in college and still have it! I would like to continue to learn the language...I realy like it!

So glad you won Natalie's contest! You seem like a wonderful person who's full of life (love your profile pic). I love to laugh...it's medicine to the heart:D

HUGS, Susan

Natalie said...

yes, I'm always a little nervous about those mystery packages but this one was a good one. My husband put in an extra bag, so you won twice :) WHOO Hoo for Chris :)
Enjoy your coffee girl :)

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

Hmm, I also have not had the privilege of tasting my BIL's coffee (I don't drink coffee, never have, doubt I ever would), but YES it does smell fantastic!!

I also got a mystery package today, from Vegas... who would I know in Vegas?!?!? Then I realize it was a baby gift for our Isabella from one of the partners at my hubby's firm. NICE. Love the mystery gifts!! Congrats.

xoxo, Veronica in CA

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

P.S. Chris, it is so funny to see all my family in this comments section. Both, my SIL's just above mine. Aren't they TOO CUTE and TOO SWEET?! I am one blessed sister! xoxo

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

A bomb? Hehehehehehehe. We woman can think so crazy!!! Glad it wasnt a bomb, coffee is much nicer.