April 13, 2009

Celebrating with Family

Yesterday, for Easter Sunday, we went to my in-laws. We had a blast. The kids played in the pool, made mud pies, played football, went Egg hunting, and had some yummy food. I just hung out with the "big girls" and chatted. Ana was a little fussy. This was her first time at Mema's and Pop's house. She didn't have her bed there, so she wasn't settling to sleep very well. Most of the time she was held by one of the adults. Here are a few snap shots from yesterday:

(Here are the grandkids all but one...Ephee was getting his diaper changed)

(Ephraim didn't know what he was looking for!)

(Daddy, Tsavah, and Ana looking for eggs)

(My sister-in-law puts these on Ana..sweet baby, didn't know what to think..LOL)

(The girls and their cousin Ethan)

(Here we are...All the "KIDS"--big and small)


Tricia said...

This is so cool isn't it. I love it when our family gets together. We have a gazillion grandkids in our family. There are almost 50 and 46 of them are under the age of 18!! We were just in CO with most of them and I put some pics on my blog of all the younger cousins that were there at the time. 16 under the age of 11. The pics are under my Colorado Trip label if you get a minute to stop by.

Tricia said...

Mary is 3. And that's how it is with her too. If something is missing. Go ask Mary. And sometimes it's important things missing, like daddy's glasses, or something from my wallet, etc. But the funny thing is is that she remembers where she puts things. Thank goodness. Even if it's been missing a while before I notice it she still manages to remember!

The Munck Family said...

Looks like you had a fun Easter. I've been trying to catch up on blogs, and boy you have been busy. I too love the MOTH system it's wonderful, the Maxwell's seem to really know what a mom needs.

gina said...

love your blog! i'm so glad you left a comment on mine bc now I will be checking yours. It blesses me so much to see your family. I haven't seen Moriah or Tsavah since I left in 2001. They are beautiful young ladies.

It will be fun to keep in touch with you this way :)