February 25, 2009

Time Management, Routines, Organization

The baby is almost 4 weeks and I have been wanting to get "busy" doing things for a few weeks now.  While I sit and nurse the baby, I just think about all the things I need to accomplish.  This can cause a bit of stress since I can't get it all done right now.  I am learning to take it step by step and praying alot for direction in the things I am not great at---time management and organization. 

I daily strive to excel in time management and organizing my home.  I love to read books on organizing and how to manage my home.  The best book for time Management is Managers of Their Homes  by Steve and Teri Maxwell.  An exellent book on how to manage your home and time.  You can do almost everything you have planned for the day.  A great book for small and large families.  I was introduced to this book when I had 3 children and have been applying their tips since 2000.  I just recently ordered their other two books, which are much needed in my life right now.  Managers of Their Chores and Managers of Their Schools.  

I am still learning on how to balance my free flowing personality with a more strict routine.  I have gone from no routine to stricter schedules.  I do get a bit tense with detailed schedules, but I do like them :D.  Just like organizing--I love reading, talking, and walking down the organizational isle in the stores.  I just have a hard time applying the things I have learned.  I am sort of doing it, but in small baby steps.  I am very excited about reading the books I just mentioned.  As I read and learn...I will share. 


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