January 28, 2009

Just chillin'--Update #3

I wasn't going to leave an update today because there isn't much to update you on since yesterday. Actually, the contractions are not coming at all.  I still do get the Braxton Hicks contractions but not the working ones much.  They come sometimes throughout the day but not at all like the first night of early labor signs.  As far as it looks and feels, no baby coming anytime soon.  Unless my water brakes.  I've had this happen one time before and that was with my last baby (#7-Ephraim).

I am carrying her so low.  I have plenty of room to breath but she is so low in my womb that I wouldn't be surprised if my water broke.  We'll see!!!  You just never know.  You can't judge how things will go by the other pregnancies.  Every pregnancy is soooo different.  I have learned this with each one of mine.  

(This is the mood I am in today....Just Chillin')

For today, I am continuing to do some nesting and carrying for my other babies in the house. Trying not to focus on "WHEN" the baby will arrive.  I am just chillin' here at home.  I live in Florida so I am hoping for cooler weather.  It has been "hot" these past few days (mid to upper 70's).  I know that sounds gorgeous to some of you Northerners.  I've been pregnant during the summer and I do prefer this weather way more than those hot 96*+ weather we get down here. This weekend it should be cooler, with a freeze a couple of days.  Yay!!  

So enjoy your day and kiss on all your babies.  I am going to be enjoying each and every day of this pregnancy, since it will soon end.  Pregnancy can be rough at times but there is something exciting in the "air" when the thought of a new baby arriving soon. :)  It feels like Christmas all over again. 



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