January 25, 2009

I think I'm in Labor!!!!!

Yep, you read right.  I am showing signs of labor.  I have never been this early.  I will officially be 37 weeks tomorrow.  I am not mentally ready to have this baby, but what can you do when your body is showing signs of early labor. 

Last night I was having some loose bowels and I lost my mucus plug.  With my previous pregnancies this has meant that I will be having the baby within a few days to a weeks time.  Last night, around 3 am true "cervix type" contractions were coming every 5 to 7 minutes and became stronger as the morning approached.  I am very tired and have not slept since 3 AM.  Around 5 PM, I started to have some spotting.  I am still having some of this bleeding.  I have never had this before, so this is all new for me.  I debated calling the hospital to check on what they might think I should do.  I haven't called them yet.  I am going to hang low and see if these contractions start changing. 

It is about 8:45 AM and they seem to have spread out in timing.  I am probably going to lay down and see if I can sleep some.  That is if I can rest my mind and stop thinking of what I "still" need to do.   All I know, is that I just might have this baby within these next few days.  Yes, I am very excited, but never expected to come 3 weeks early.  My last two babies were late.   I will be sending out updates as I am able to.   I have to go pack my hospital bag!!:)


PS.  "Secret Agent Dog" has been going nuts.  He was whining in the middle of the night pacing the halls (while I was having contractions).  Follows me to the bathroom and scratches at the door.  The poor dog is sooooo tired he starts to fall asleep standing up.  :)  Pretty funny. 

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