January 26, 2009

I think I'm in Labor!!!!!--Update

I didn't have the baby last night.  Basically, contractions ease off during the day.  By evening time last night they didn't come at all.  I was a little bummed out and a bit frustrated and had to get my mind off the whole thing.  It was hard doing that.  When you get excited about something happening (especially delivery) and it doesn't happen, well you feel very disappointed. 

I had some "10 min apart" contractions mid morning.  They started around 3:30 AM and came every 8 to 10 minutes until about 6:30 this morning.  They were a bit painful so they would wake me up every 10 minutes.   I was able to sort of ignore the process, time them bit, and still sleep some.  I feel more rested today.  

As of right now (it is about 8:30 AM), I feel really achy because of my cervix changing and preparing for birth.  The contractions have stopped.  I will most likely have some throughout the day.  I will continue to send updates daily of this journey.  

PS: I finally have all my baby stuff I need for the first few days at the hospital and got some cleaning done.  (I didn't do much.  It was my Hubby and children who were busy bees yesterday---what a blessings)


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Dina said...

hey chris,
i know the feeling, girl. i went through the early morning wake-up calls for a few days. hang in there. you'll probably have her w/in the next few days. question...i have a girl bumper and girlie sheets. do you want them? i'll be in prayer for a quick, painless (as soon as you get your epidural:) delivery. look forward to seeing the next tuttle addition...hugz....dina