January 30, 2009

I am planning on going to hospital this Morning--Update #5

I did say I would send out a post if anything started taking place before my appointment.  Well.....I've been having stronger contractions every 10-15 minutes.  They feel very strong.  I know in the past my contractions start like this and in a blink of an eye can move to every 3-5 minutes of intense contractions and delivery within an hour.  I want to play it safe and have the nurses check how I am progressing.  I won't be waiting till my appointment this afternoon.  I have a feeling I might have her by 6PM tonight.  

I have been feeling VERY emotional and annoyed about every little thing.  Sign that I am in labor.  Look out when I feel like this.  I can't think straight.  Please be praying for my emotions today and stable hormones.  Thank you so much....I need it. 

If by some reason they don't admit me and I come home with so called "false labor"  LOL ;D 
I will fill you in on the details.  Even if I have to sit in the Lobby!!! ;D

Till then....


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Sara L said...

Well you posted this hours ago, so I'm guessing they are keeping you - can't wait to see pictures of the new baby!