January 17, 2009

Helpful Children in the time of Need

Ok, this is the last stretch of this 8th pregnancy.  This morning when I awoke, I felt so much pain getting up.  It takes about 5 minutes to just sloooowwwwwllly position myself in just the right way to roll out of bed and walk slooowwwlllyy to the bathroom.  Yes, it is really hurting.  But....I think I can make it till birth time.  Do I stay this way all day.  NO!!  Thank God.  As soon as I am up and my joints and ligaments are warmed up, I can function and move fine.  I am still waddling around the house and getting slower chasing my 15 month old around, running to the bathroom with my 3 yr old.  He likes it when I stand and wait for him as he does his business.  The rest of the children are self managed--thank God.  

I am truly thankful for them during this time.  I am a picky person when it comes to "how" chores are done and I have "let go" some and just let them do it.  Yesterday, I was tending to one of my little guys who was in need of mommy all day.  The house was a wreck.  Every room in the house needed momma's touch.  I just couldn't get to it.  My 11 yr old Moriah (my very helpful daughter--naturally) says "Mommy, what do you want me to do for you."  I said "Pick something to do.  Every room in the house needs some tending."  I left it at that and walked into my room to lay down due to a headache I've had for one week straight.  I had my little boys jumping on my bed while I am resting a bit.  Yes, I can "rest" while 3 littles boys are jumping around me--just don't jump on the belly :).   I then heard the most beautiful sound....Children working together.  Within a 45 minute time span, my children had cleaned up the whole house.  Yep!!!  The kitchen was clean along with the floors  (thanks to Moriah).  The family room, straightened, vacuumed, mopped--(Thanks Justin).  Their bedrooms straight and vacuumed (thanks to all of them).  Kitchen table cleaned and wiped (thanks Tsavah and Shiloh).  

As I rose up from my short little rest, all I had to do was make my bed, start laundry and make the pizza dough.  What a helpful crew I have.  I didn't have to nag or yell (most days I have to, which I don't like to do and need help in this area of my life right now).  I didn't even inspect.  I just trusted and was thankful for their help.   

P.S. (Before you think my children are like this all the time and you think I have these perfect children :) LOL..  They also had a little incentive to push them along--You don't get to play video games until the house is cleaned----these little rewards also help them push along)

Bless you babies.  


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Anonymous said...

Oh, this was a fun post! Thanks Chris...miss you already ;( Dana