January 14, 2009

Girls Manicure

Today was such a fun and special day for my girls, Moriah and Tsavah.  They had a manicure!!  It was Moriah's first time getting one.  Tsavah had one  a few years ago with her little friend Abby.  Tsavah must have been only 6 yrs. old.  

My good friend blessed my girls this Christmas with gift certificates to get this special treatment.  That was such a blessing to receive from her.  The girls were just blown away by the gift.  Every day since they have been asking to go and get their nails done.  I finally said "Ok, why not!"  Are you wondering if I joined them.  No, not this time.  I actually enjoyed just watching them get it done.  I also took the pictures.  I loved every moment!!  I had a big smile on my face watching my two beautiful daughters.  They are such a joy in my life!!

    ( Tsavah 9yrs old)
(Moriah 11yrs. old)

They both decided to get matching French Manicures.  Honestly, I thought their nails were to short but those Oriental women work wonders.  Their nails look beautiful!!!  Oh and we were in and out of there so quick.  We just walked in and they served us.  Good service and very nice people.  

As I sat there waiting for the girls to finish,  I was also admiring some women getting Pedicures....and, Oh boy, did it look so GOOD to get your feet rubbed.  I had a pedicure in the summer and remember how lovely it was.  I sat there gazing at those women rub feet and imagining I was sitting on the chair getting my pregnant feet rubbed.  I was in la la land.   Ok, enough of the dreaming.  Back to the girls. 

Yes, they were so happy and are being so careful with those nails.  They don't want to put one chip in the beautiful artwork. :)..  

Moriah is ready for her piano lesson tomorrow and I know she will be enjoying that piano lesson as she admires her finger nails.  



Anonymous said...

Your girls are really beautiful and their nails, too. Dana

Christine said...

You know I never get my nails done but always when I am days away from having a baby I contort myself or bribe my husband to paint my toenails. I might treat myself to a pedicure this summer before Josh gets here. I know my girls would love to have their nails done too.
Christine @ Live to Learn