January 30, 2009

False Alarm--Ugh!!! Update #6


How frustrating!!!  We were so close to leaving and then NOTHING!!  So I never went to the hospital this morning.  I am going to my appointment this afternoon at 2:30 PM and then we'll se what is going on.  I am telling you...this little girl is playing with me now.  LOL..I'll keep you posted!!

Till then



Liza in NC said...

Hi there! Fellow MOMYS here. Are you sure you still want to go the hospital route? You sound so much like my last birth. I had labor like that for almost 5 days, then, before it became consistent enough that I would have gone to the hospital for in the past, the baby started coming. The midwife didn't even have enough time to make it for the birth! Just asking. ;)

Dad said...

Just got off the phone with Chris, She sprung a leak and is in hospital. She is so happy and excited. Won't be long now.
My prayers to you and your wonderful family.
Love DAD

Jennifer said...

"Sprung a Leak" lol - definitely a man talking! :-)

Congrats, Chris, I can't wait to see her! If it's ok to post here, I heard that the baby was born at 9:20 pm last night, 7 lbs 2 oz, 19 inches long... yea!!! I'm so thrilled for you - another blessing and another girl! I'll try to arrange a meal for you - what would you like???