January 22, 2009

36 Week Update

I don't know if some of you know,  this will be my 4th hospital delivery.  My last one was about 9 years ago with my last daughter Tsavah.  The last 4 deliveries have been home births.  They were excellent and I loved the whole natural home birthing experience.  You are probably wondering how come I am going back to the hospital this time?  I felt more peace in my heart going to the hospital this time.   After the baby is born, I will post my thoughts and experiences on the pros and cons of a hospital birth vs. a home birth.  I am very excited about doing something different this time around.  I am even "planning" an epidural this time.  WHAT??!!?? Some of you natural birth moms are wondering what am I thinking!  I am going totally 180 degrees of what I have done in the past, minus the planned induction (which I wouldn't get unless I absolutely had too.)  I will discuss this topic later. :)

Now back to the update!!!  My Doctor is a youngish mom (She looks like maybe she is in her late 30's or maybe 40yrs.  She has young children of her own and has 4 children.  These are the reasons for choosing her.  She has a feel for birth and raising more than 2 children.   When I first met her, I thought she was a "Textbook" talking.  She would tell me all those things that she knew about moms who have birth many children.  The "typical" pains and aches I would have and what I should expect.  My back not holding up, my uterus falling out, etc... blah, blah...  Yes, I know this is common with many moms of many but I didn't have these experiences in the past and not expecting to.  

Since then, she has eased up a bit (she sometimes forgets I've done this birthing thing 7 times before--when she starts to spew out her info.)  I just smile at her and nod my head.  Pretty funny!!  In general, she is a great lady and doctor. She loves to talk about her kids.  So she has a great bedside manner.  Very down to earth and not stuffy.  She always gives me compliments and says she is so amazed by how I am doing and how "awesome" I look (thanks for the compliments doc, I need those at this time in my preggo stage).  She says "Wow, you can't even tell you had so many babies."  and "You're made to have babies."  and "I am always amazed by how well you are doing."  (I don't mention those night time aches and pains  ;) LOL!!

At my appointment yesterday we discussed the birth.  She was pushing induction at around 39 weeks.  I told her straight up that I wanted to wait till I came on my own.  She said "SURE, no problem."  I also filled her in that I was planning an epidural and she said "Oh, you probably won't be able to get one because most moms who have had many children come in and they are usually 7-8 centimeters and by that time it is to late."  Again, I had to tell her that it is not the case with me.  When I start active labor and I start to really feel contractions, I usually am checked and am about 3-4 centimeters and within about 1-2 hours I have the baby.  She looked at me with a surprise look and says "Really!! Wow!! Ok, well I guess you'll know"  I then asked her when I could get the epidural and she said "Anytime, just as long as you are active."  Then I asked her when I should arrive at the hospital.  "When the contractions are 5 minutes apart and lasting 1 min?"  She then went back to forgetting I had many children.  She answered "There is a difference between braxton hicks and true contractions.  True contractions are way more painful and you feel like your insides are opening up."  I nodded and smiled and thought and laughed to myself  "Doctor, hello, remember I've done this before."  I sweetly reminded her "Oh, I know the difference."  Like I said, she is hilarious!!!

Info about baby:
  • Baby head is down and great position thus far (stay that way baby!!)
  • measuring perfectly at 36 weeks
  • Blood Pressure 118/24
  • Heart rate sounds great
  • I look GREAT...according to her
  • She starts checking my cervix at my next appointment which is on Jan. 30th
I am very excited about the baby getting here.  I have so much to get done.  I feel like the sickness that went through my house the beginning of this month put me way behind schedule.  I still need to get all my baby stuff washed, bassinet ready, my hospital bag packed.   Before this baby preparations, I need to get caught up with some household tasks.. Is nesting kicking in?  I think it just might!! :)  Yay!!  


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Sara L said...

Now I need to hear all about deciding on a home birth vs hospital - I am so surprised, I guess I just pictured you at home again. Give me the scoop!