December 22, 2008

Our Hanukkah/Christmas Celebration

We started celebrating Hanukkah about 5 days ago.  We are lighting our 5th candle tonight.  Our children look forward to our Hanukkah celebration.  In a previous post, I guess a couple years ago, I shared what we actually do during our celebration.  We don't follow the actual dates of the Hebrew calendar and we always start celebrations 8 days before Christmas--Christmas Day being the 8th day.   It is like Hanukkah with a twist.  

Our children do not believe in Santa Claus, but we don't totally kick Santa out of our home.  To us, he is like another Character.  We still sing the traditional songs and such.  We also go down to the mall on Christmas Eve and take a picture with this old time Character.  Just as many of you might go down and take one with Mickey Mouse or Cinderella in Disney World.  We have fun with it. 

(Big brother Justin opening up his gift)

My husband created a character for Hanukkah named Hanukkah Harry.  Again, I think I shared this in a previous post so if you want to read older posts on this go ahead and search in the archives. 

(Tsavah lighting the second night of Hanukkah candles)

Hanukkah Harry (who happens to be dressed in a Santa costume) comes every night of Hanukkah (our Hanukkah time frame) and teaches the children about Hanukkah and how the Lord kept the light on the candles burning for those Eight days.  We incorporate Christ (The Messiah) into the Light burning and The Lord's Providence for our needs.   One of the Children gets to light one candle each of those nights.  At the end of the teaching Donnie passes out a gift to each one of the children.  They wait expectantly all day for these surprises.  They all know it is Daddy.  Our two year old is still not sure, even though we tell him it is his daddy.  It is funny to watch.  

(We went bowling the first night of Hanukkah--the kids had a blast!!  First time for most of them)

( The little boys opening up their 3rd night of Gifts)

I really enjoy this way of giving gifts much better then one big bang on Christmas day. 

1.  Less mess to clean up
2.  The children get to enjoy that one gift for a whole day.  You know how it was when you were 
     a child, and on Christmas day you were so overwhelmed with all the toys you got, you don't 
     know what you received and what to play with.  I think this can be overwhelming to the 
3.  The excitement of each day of our celebration.  It is a lot of fun. 

Enjoy this time with your Families, and make up your own little traditions that your children will remember for their entire lives.  



Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Dana

Nancy said...

I love your profile picture! It is you pregnant :). (I'm sure you are about ready not to be, though--then it will be my turn, maybe.)

Your husband sounds like a lot of fun...Harry, tee hee!