April 12, 2008

Babies: A perfect gift from the Father

How I love my baby!!!  We are so blessed with such a good boy in our lives.  Ephraim is such a joy in my life.  These tender moments make it all worth it.  He is our seventh child.  Often times I think about the "what if" we had stopped having children after one, two, or even the sixth.  No little baby Ephraim to look at, smile, and even laugh with.

What precious moments to share with this little one.  To sing to and play with, to talk with, even though he won't talk back.  But he just smiles the whole time, knowing that I am the one who feeds him, comforts him, and loves him.  I would never, ever do anything to hurt him only want to protect him.  

This is like the love of the Father.  Oh how much He comforts us and loves us.  He feeds us and protects us.  Daily!!! He heals all our infirmities (Ps 103).  He comforts us like a mother comforts her wee one.  (Is 66).  He wants to give everything we desire.  He is our Father. 

 I love Ephraim so much. But just think, the love of the Father is even more!!!  

Babies are the Lord's perfect gift. 



DL said...

Yes, they are perfect gifts. Enjoying your site.

Love Dana L.

Anonymous said...

You REALLY are blessed to have a man like that. Does he have any brothers?