December 28, 2007

Here is what's on my mind

Wow, it has been awhile since I have written anything in this blog. Just a quick update before I go on with this post. Gave birth to a beautiful, gorgeous little baby boy named Ephraim Tobias. God is so good. The birth went very well and I was blessed through the whole experience.

So here I am, the baby is now 3 months old and we just celebrated Christmas. Time seems to just fly these days. I am so excited about what the Lord is going to do this year. My prayer is for my family and I to grow so ever more with the Lord. To know Him like we have never known Him before. To walk in His ways and to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE as He loves us.

Lately I have felt like I have been on edge. I have felt like "life's" pressures our knocking on my door. Pressures of schooling, cleaning, and you name it. But why? I ask. Why do I let these things bother me oh so much. There is no reason for it. Why do I get so frustrated when my kids are not understanding what I am teaching or why they can't pick up after themselves which then makes for a messy home. Does this even matter in the Light of Eternity. NO!! of course not!! The enemy wants to deceive us and speak those little lies in our minds that if we don't perform or produce a certain product well then what are we worth then. You see he wants us to get so caught up in these little details of life so we are so frustrated that we won't be able to hear the voice of the LORD. The devil is not up to any new tricks. He is sneaky and this is why the Lord has said to be vigilant and watchful. Evermore we as Children of God need to be watchful because He is wanting us to not do the will of our Father.

We need to dwell in the Secret Place where our Lord is. We need to dwell in the goodness of the Father. Focus our energy in dwelling in His Love. Loving our families and people around us. Walking in the Spirit is walking in the Fruit of the Spirit--Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control. Yikes, I have not walked in this. Thanks to the Lord because He is ever so merciful and gives so much grace that I know I can change when I ask Him to change me. Only by His power am I changed.


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Beth~mom to 15 blessings said...

It is so true, I struggle and get hit with the same stuff.
Congrats on your little one, I know I sure am enjoying mine.