May 5, 2007

Half-way there!!!

I am almost at the 20 week mark in my pregnancy. That means halfway there---wow! This pregnancy is going by fast. I hardly feel pregnant. I am growing-- in the belly and other areas -- Ha ha ha. But this time I really don't even feel much discomfort of being pregnant. God has truly blessed me and answered my prayers.

I remember with the other pregnancies I would sit and complain about everything. I would say--I am tired; I feel fat; I have back pains; I feel sick; etc... I can go on. Now when people ask how I am feeling, I say---I feel great!!! I also remember how I couldn't wait for my due date to arrive. Now I am just living life and enjoying every moment of being pregnant.

This baby is very calm and quiet. I remember with Tsavah and Kole my third and sixth, they were jumping all over the place. This little one is so calm, I hardly notice the baby there. This is another reason why I feel like I am not even pregnant. I do feel the baby a few times a day. I feel little gentle taps here and there. Maybe I am going to have a calm, quiet little girl. Hmmmmm??? But we won't know who this little one is till the Big Day.

The joys of motherhood are wonderful. From raising up a soon to be teenager to watching my belly grow daily---now this is fun. Thank you Lord for the blessings of children in my life. Even when the day seems so long and "could I take anymore" of the day---I have to sit back and think of God's many blessings and joys in my life.



Nancy said...

Missing you! I have so much going on right now. It will all come to a grinding halt when the big kids leave in a few weeks. Glad you're feeling so well!

Beth said...

it is always great fun to be at the half way mark of pregnancy. Glad you are feeling good and that you are growing hahahaaaa