March 31, 2007

The Lord, our HOPE

When you feel like your days are overtaking you, this is the time to sit back and really take a breather. Think about the blessings you have and about how blessed you are because your hope is in Christ Jesus our Lord. The hope we have in Him is so awesome. Just think about it!!!!

I can get so caught up in my day to day and then I start to grumble and complain about how laundry is behind or the house is a mess or you haven't been to the grocery store in weeks and it is time to plan for the monthly shopping, UGH! Does this all matter in the Light of Eternity? Does this really matter? Yes, laundry, chores, and grocery shopping are important. But there is no reason to get so bogged down---This is what I tell myself.

Today was one of those days that I am thankful that I have God on my side. That He is my hope. Once a month a group of us from church pass out bread and goodies to those in need. During our trip I met a woman who really touched my heart. She seemed like she had given up on life. She is a mother of four little children. Her most recent birth was 4 months ago to twins. These twins were born at 28 weeks, a boy and girl. The girl is fine and she is home but the little baby boy is hanging on for his life. He is on tubes and has not gained much weight since birth. He weighed 7 oz at birth--wow! He now is 1 lb 7 oz. She said he doesn't have a chance and he is going to die. I told her to not say that and to BELIEVE for the Lord to heal him and pull him through this. But she kept insisting that he is not going to make it. I did pray for her--but she is in the world, so doesn't really know that JESUS is the HEALER.

She also shared about how she has cancer. She has a tumor close to her liver and the tumor is close to one of the main arteries. She continues to say that she will die--either by this huge tumor or if they do surgery she will die. NO!!! My spirit was cyring out. Don't believe this lie from the enemy!!! I told her not to say that. We then prayed for her again. I then walked her home and she shared some more touching information about her life. I invited her to come to church and get connected. She needs the Lord so much in her life and her families life.

So I was just so thankful to know that my Jesus Heals. His word says it. You see, not long ago my faith was so minimal in believing that Jesus wants His children healed and whole. He doesn't want us to walk in infirmities. I would often ask "but why did so and so die and why are they so ill". I still don't undertand the "why's" but I do know what His word says and I do know what Jesus did here on earth. He went around healing EVERYONE he came in contact with---EVERYONE. This is so powerful!!

As believers we can't go around and say "Well, if this is His will for us to get an infirmity and die, then let it be." NO, this is what the enemy wants us to believe. The Lord wants us to believe that "By his stripes we are healed" and that "He has healed us of ALL infirmities"---ALL!! This is an area of faith that can be so hard to grasp but as we seek Him with all our hearts our faith will grow. God is LIFE and he wants us to have LIFE and LIFE more abundantly. Praise God that we can walk in this HOPE and know we have God on our side.

So when you feel overwhelmed with your day to day, just think about how awesome it is that Jesus is your Lord and that you have Hope in Him. Also know that He wants you to have joy in everything you do and know that He is the Healer of our souls and our bodies. Pray and obey and know He is the Great Physician---Don't give up on life because He wants you healthy and whole. Praise God.


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Nancy said...

Good stuff, Chris! I am sure your encouragement and prayer had an impact on that mommy. You are planting seeds and God will sow them!