March 15, 2007

I am Feeling Wonderful!!

I am 12 weeks today. Yeah!!! I am feeling great. The sick feeling ended about two weeks ago. I woke up realizing I had not been feeling nauseous. I started to wonder if everything was okay with the pregnancy. I quickly threw those fears out the window and praised God for blessing me with a good First Trimester.

My first trimester was not bad at all really. Yes, I complained a bit but in reality, it was good. I had some bouts of vomiting but not serious. The nauseous was come and go, and the foggy, emotional mind was---well, a bit hard to handle. But with much prayer and asking God to lift this fog--He has been faithful. I am still sleepy but just in the afternoon and around dinner. I don't normally take naps during the day because I feel I need to be doing something. I have decided to exercise during the afternoon when the tired feeling is setting in. If I get my blood pumping then I will feel refreshed. But of course I will rest and nap when I know I really need it. I know I am growing a baby and my body needs this rest.

I have also taken on some new diet changes. I had mentioned before that I want to have a healthy and whole pregnancy. So, I have kicked the coffee out the window and my regular breakfast and traded it in for Meta Greens and lots of fruit and veggies. I told a few friends that I am on the Raw Foods kick again. I hope I can stick to it. My desire is to feel good and have lots of energy. Eating fresh raw fruits and veggies is so good for the body. It does make a difference in energy levels and sickness. I am already noticing the difference in the way I feel---Even though I feel hungry all the time and seems like I am always stuffing my face with some kind of fruit or veggie or smoothies. Today, is better though---I think my body is starting to get use to the "not so full" feeling in my belly. I just constantly have to remind myself that I am eating to feel and look good and the baby is getting more nourishment than I was giving him or her when I was eating junk food all day. I also remind myself of the scriptures that I read to turn my direction to eating healthier. I will share those another day.

And before I end the post today--I heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time last week. It was such a beautiful and wonderful sound to hear. To know that the baby is alive and well and to know he or she is being knit wonderfully and perfectly by the Hands of God, brings delight to my soul. Hearing the heartbeat meant so much to me. It was so wonderful.

Anyway, I hope I don't stay away to long. My husband even said I need to start blogging again--Yes, honey I will. As for now--be blessed and thank God for the blessings in your lives and know that He cares about every little detail. Also thank God for the wonderful food He provides to give us energy and nourishment. As it says in Psalm 103 "I satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's"---Yes Lord, I want my youth renewed and feel energized to be able to minister and care for my loved ones.



Beth said...

Well I agree with your husband that you need to start blogging again LOL
Glad you are over the fog.. man do I know the fog well.

Nancy said...

Good to see you back! I am looking forward to seeing you next week...hopefully! (Hubby is sick and I'm hoping none of the kiddos get it.)