February 7, 2007

Starting to Feel Pregnant!!

I am starting to feel pregnant. What does this mean---well for some of you pregnant and formerly pregnant moms know what I mean---Nauseated all day, sleepy and moody. Yes all the lovely symptoms of a blessing being knit in my womb. But I can't complain--I need to REJOICE in the life that is within me---The life the Lord has created.

What can I do during this time to feel better--- I need to drink lots of water, eat plenty of fruits and veggies, and exercise. These are critical things I need to do to prepare my body for the Big Day in September--- The day I will experience the most intense workout in my life. I need to train my body for this event. Have I started?--Not exactly. For now I am just thinking about what I will do. Ha ha ha. But above all the natural ways of caring for my body, I need to care for my spiritual body--- Feeding myself with the Word and praying and rejoicing in His goodness. Then I can have the strength to act upon the physical.

My prayer is to be fit spiritually and physically. Only by the Lord's help can I even begin to accomplish this. So exercising my spirit will bring the beginnings of the physical exercise---Do I make sense or am I just a pregnant mom speaking here.

Gotta Run because my six wonderful children need me---And maybe today I will pull out the fitness video or take the walk.


P.S. Sorry the Shabbat Pictures have not been posted we have had some technical issues---They were downloaded on MIL's computer by accident and deleted from the camera. I will post some soon, hopefully


Nancy said...

What is your due date?

Chris said...

Hey Nancy,

September 27th--Day after Tsavah's

Beth said...

Oh I know the feeling OH so well!!! I am now ending my time with pregnacies.. I am hoping and praying that at least one more will be in God's will for me.
I do know that after my miscarrages I had a great respect for being sick as I knew the baby is getting what he or she needs.
I do think that taking the pregnacy in stages is the best. Do excercise but also rest in this stage. Rest both in the Lord and phyically.
Well my kiddos are in need of me.
BLessings, Beth

Nancy said...

Eden's bday is the 21st! I wonder what life will be like when the youngest is out of diapers...mmmmm

Beth said...

hope you are doing ok.. you havent blog for a while.