February 26, 2007

Just Filling you In

It feels like forever since I have posted. I am 9 weeks pregnant and feeling it. I have been feeling under the weather. Yes, the nausea is still there and the sleepiness is there. I am not complaining though---I am rejoicing in the new life being in my womb. A precious bundle or two. TWO---just wishful thinking. No, I am not insane for wanting twins. Twins would be a double blessing!

Children are beautiful in everyway. Who wouldn't want the many pitter-patter of little feet; The crying---waking you up at night;--I count it all joy.

Pregnancy is such a wonderful experience. To know that a baby is being knit in my womb is remarkable. To think this child is being knit by God Himself is another awe in itself. The miracle of life is amazing. Yes, life is a miracle. To enjoy every moment of this miracle is wonderful. I can't wait to feel the baby moving and kicking me.

I have already bonded with this little one. I think of him or her each day. I am filled with excitement and can not wait till day of the baby's arrival. What joy. We are planning on having the baby at home.

Homebirth---Well this is another awesome experience. Galen, my 5th and Kole, my 6th baby were born at home--in the bathtub. To have a homebirth is a wonderful experience. My midwife is wonderful. She is so hands off---just how I like it. No prodding, or pushing, or coaching. She lets me do what I want. I personally like to "escape" into the labor. No noise, no sounds, and no one in the room with me. I just "escape" and focus on the Lord and how He is delivering my baby.

Childbirth is a wonderful experience. Yet it is hard work. To go through it naturally is such a beautiful and exhilarating experience. Nothing can compare to the feeling of delivering a baby and he/she being placed in your arms after having gone through so much pain and work. The prize is well worth it!!! Thank you Lord for the awesome gift you have given woman---to give birth.



Nancy said...

Good to hear you're doing alright! I feel like I'm in a fog most day of the week. Maybe I'll wake up when the baby gets a bit older. I love her little self right now and wish she could stay this way for awhile...

Beth said...

I am with you.. I still want bio twins. When I get my new children (please keep us in your prayers) I will have 2 six year olds, 2 twelve yr olds and 2 8 yr old... gee you think I am getting blessed with the desire of my heart?
Homebirth!! THAT IS THE WAY TO GO!!
my last 3 were homebirths, my only regret..I wish they all would of been homebirths! It is amazing! I too have a great midwife whom is hands off. You sound like you labor like me.
I hope that the Lord will give you the desire of your heart to have twins, maybe not this time around but sometime.
Glad you are doing good.