January 10, 2007

Joys of Life

Having a large family is such a great JOY. Just as is said in Psalm 127:5 "Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them...". I experience much life and joys everyday. Everyday is a new adventure. Daily I long see what new things my children have learned. How they are growing and how they are maturing. Yes, there are those days when we as mothers feel bogged down with so many responsibilities. But we can't overlook the bigger picture. The bigger picture of enjoying each and everyday of life to its fullest.

Experiencing life to its fullest, is dwelling on the positive... The baby kisses, the toothless smiles, their desires to talk to mom and dad into the late evening. Even thinking about how my children will grow into godly adults and one day have their own families; I look forward to the days my children have their families. I forsee my latter days continuing to be filled with life. I long to see the days when my children have children and my many grandbabies come over to grandma's house. No, my house will not be empty, it will be beaming with life.

Life more abudantly. This is what Christ wants us to experience. My life on earth is like experiencing the joys of Heaven. The fullness of life. To know life to it's fullest is the goal of every soul. This can only be met by the One true God. He is the creator of life and He wants us to experience this to its fullest.

Life. Life is so precious. Life is so beautiful. From the flowers in a prarie to each person on earth. Life is wonderful. Life is full of excitement. Life continually reigns in those who serve the Lord Jesus. Choose life not death. Focus on the positive things in life. On the One who makes all things beautiful!

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