January 20, 2007

In His Presence there is Joy

The Lord---In His presence there is Joy! Life can become a routine and mundane when we don't put our focus on the One who leads our path. He knows us by name. He knows our every thought. He loves each of us in a way we can't even fathom.

How are we as parents leading our children to know their Father in Heaven personally. Yes, we can take them to church and maybe youth group but is our lifestyle a lifestyle of worship. Worship of the King of Kings. Do we leave our children's bible study, praise and worship, and personal prayer time as a task or a subject to accomplish later? Or are we taking the time to teach them who their Lord is? I have been convicted of this many times in my Christian walk. I have found seasons when I brush "seeking" under the carpet, because I have other things that the children need to learn.

The enemy can deceive us and we might not even realize we have been deceived. He is a crafty serpent. Speaking lies into our ears and possibly even wanting to sound like the Lord Himself. How do we know we are hearing correctly---Seek Him. Constantly being in His presence.
Making our environment a place where God dwells continually. Our main goal should be putting Him as number one in all that we do. Even in our schooling. Bringing His word in all subjects they study. This can be life, because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. Whatever we do being an act of worship to the Lord. Our very own homes can become the Tabernacle of the Living God.

Being in His presence will bring salvation. Making a point to fill our days with constant worship will show our children who their personal savior is. When the time comes for them to c
hoose what road they will take, they will know Who to go to--- The Lord Jesus Himself. We can speak all day and tell our children to do this or do that, yes we hope they will listen to our advice but if we are not speaking by the Spirit what value is there in our words. Are we then parenting in vain and by our own understanding? Only by the Lord's Grace and Mercy can they be changed and can know the One and Only Living God. Only by a revelation of the Christ will they want and desire Kingdom living. So our job is to plant the seeds of righteousness and to continually water those seeds, but only by the Lord's hand can the fruit come to harvest.

Yes, it is exciting to think we have a part in raising our children, our gifts of God, to become worshipers in the Kingdom of God. What joy it is for a mother to have her children all walking in Truth. To all walk in fear of the Lord.

What joy there is in His Presence! So Jump for Joy!!!!!!!!!!


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Beth said...

Thanks for the great reminder! I too fall into that and it is so true that I dont even see it coming, till I again reminded why I am parenting these children.
Blessings Beth