December 14, 2006

"Where is my picture, mommy"

This is Shiloh, my 4 yr old. He was wondering why I haven't posted his picture. I was waiting to get my camera back from my friend. I actually forgot it at her house. We went to butcher a few roosters a few days back and I took great (and gross) pictures. I will post those soon.

But for now I have this one of Shiloh. He said he wanted this one because he is running. He is such a joy in my and Donnie's life. He makes us laugh so much. My Shiloh is our second son and we are so blessed to have him in our family. Just to think that if we had decided not to have more children after the third, then we wouldn't have this gorgeous boy, who loves God with all his heart.

The other day when we were at my friend Jennifer's farm, she told me that Shiloh had left an impression in her father in law. Basically, Shiloh came up to him and asked him if he knew Jesus and if he went to church. Wow, it is true that the praises come forth from babes. Maybe this is why Jesus says to be as little children. They are not ashamed or afraid to share the gospel one bit. I learn alot from my kids daily.

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Tom Hunt said...

Chris, thx for telling us about yr site. Great to see pics of the little ones...well not all so little anymore. Amazing how fast times flies. You remain an inspiration for us. We're just amateurs with three kids! I'll tell Michelle about yr site so she can view it later. Love you guys and tell Donny I said hello!