December 19, 2006

A Day at the Farm

Farm life can be the most peaceful life on earth. I think back to those years growing up in the rural parts of Cedar Falls, Iowa and taking car rides with my family. I remember clearly looking out the window across the beautiful plains and thinking I wanted to become a farmer when I grew up. I would then start day dreaming of how life would be like as a farmer. Getting up really early and going out to feed the chickens and milking the cows. Oh, how excited I would get just thinking of how someday I would have my very own farm.

Now that I am older, I don't have the farm, but I think one day I might. I strongly believe God put those desires in my heart years ago. I am just waiting for the right time the LORD will bring it to pass.

But for now, I have a great friend I met through my MOMYS (mothers of many young siblings) email group. She is a wonderful mother to seven beautiful boys. They live on a 20 acre farm. She bakes her own bread; raises chickens and cows; have kittens and a huge dog. And we can't forget the goats. I get to go over to the farm and experience farm life first hand.
The children enjoy going over there also. They get to play with the all those boys, and the girls love feeding the chickens and playing with the cats. I get to enjoy talking to my friend on her back porch, while watching the children play.

On this particular day, we went over to butcher some chickens. They raise chickens for meat and eggs. We all got to experience, first hand, how they bring their own fresh farm meat (no hormones) to the table. The girls were grossed out at first but later they were ok with it. I think I have myself some farmers on my hands.

We all enjoyed learning on our day at the farm. Makes for a good field trip. But for now I will continue to wait for my very own farm. In hopes for those childhood day dreams to come true. So enjoy your day, and think back to the time when God spoke to you as a child. What did He put in your heart? Are you doing this now? Are you living there now? If those desires are there, continue to ask God to reveal His eternal plans for your life.


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Nancy said...

I am currently trying to make lemonade out of lemons and it's not going well. That's how I feel about my so-called hopes and dreams.