November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving at home: First time in 18 years

Let's just say that we didn't plan to spend Thanksgiving at home this year. I think the last time we celebrated in our own home was back when Moriah was a baby.  Yeah...that's about 18 years ago or so. 

Let me tell you....We absolutely loved it!

Here's a little run down on how our plans were miscommunicated.

You see...Donnie and I didn't communicate our Thanksgiving plans very well this year.  He had forgotten that we had spent Thanksgiving with his side of the family last year so that meant it was time to drive up to Jacksonville and spend time with my side of the family.  With not much talk of our Thanksgiving plans, I hear from the kids that he told brother or dad not sure who that we would be heading down to see them Thanksgiving.   

This conversation happened just a few weeks before Thanksgiving. 

Kids: Hey where are we going for Thanksgiving this year?
Me: Ummm....I think it's Jax.  
One of the kids:  I think Dad told uncle Tim we were going to see them this Thanksgiving.  
Me:  Oh no!!  We're suppose to go up to Jacksonville this year.  
Later on that day...

Me:  Donnie why did you tell whoever that we were going down for Thanksgiving?   We're suppose to go to Jacksonville.  
Donnie: Ok...I'll let them know not to expect us.  
Me:  I don't know.  I guess we could go down to Citra this year since our plan is to go up to Jacksonville in March before we leave Florida.  
A few days before Thanksgiving my mom calls to ask what our plans are.  I tell her we are going to celebrate with Donnie's family this year since our plan is to go up to Jacksonville for a few months before we leave Florida. This will give us more time to spend with his family. My mom was fine with it since she had to work on Thanksgiving day anyway. 

Another conversation takes place a few days before Thanksgiving.

Me: Donnie did you tell your mom we're coming down for Thanksgiving.  
Donnie:  Oh...I thought we were going up to Jacksonville.  And no I haven't called her. I'll give her a call. 

Donnie comes back and says: Well my mom isn't planning anything for Thanksgiving day since she thought we were going up to Jacksonville.  Plus my brother and family won't be in town either.  They are planning to meet up on Saturday instead. 
Me: What?!  It's to late to go up to Jacksonville. I already told my mom not to expect us. 
Donnie:  I guess we can celebrate here.  It's been awhile since we have had our own Thanksgiving.  
Me:  Yeah, you're right. Well....I guess I better get shopping.  

And that's exactly what happened. 

On our Thanksgiving day each one of the kids cooked a dish or helped in some way to make our dinner a delight.  It was absolutely yummy!  Here are some pictures sharing some of the dishes the kids made.

Kole made a yummy Pumpkin pie

Add caption

Making Oreo Delight

Lots of pudding and whipped cream
Galen making corn casserole....and he's not a dodgers fan.  Shirt was a hand-me down. haha!
our yummy turkey turned out delish

Moriah made Sweet Potato Casserole my fave.

Shiloh made Cheddar and Bacon Green Bean Casserole

oh my so good

Big "kids" table
"Little" kids table
Ana still eating

Loved our company.  Mema and Pops came to join us.  They live about 35 minutes away so why not right?
I love this picture. Pops sharing his wisdom

And why is it that people don't touch the salad?
Tsavah taking her selfies....

And yes...we are getting so close to our departure that I actually teared up a little today.  I know it's going to be good and know it's not a  permanent move.  Who knows what part of the US we'll be in next Thanksgiving?

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