May 28, 2010

Making a Birthday call to my husband... and some chat

Today is my husband's


(This morning as we are about to eat pancakes, sausage, and eggs for breakfast...)

I have fun calling him at work
ha ha....

Listen in

I am not planning on recording this weekend but doing a
regular typed post with pics...
stay tuned


Cheryl said...

Hi Chris!

So glad to have you following me you "joyful mother" you!

Can't wait to spend some time with you on your blog!

Peace of the Lord, my new friend!

Mrs. Taffy said...

Hi Chris! Happy Birthday to your man! Have a great time celebrating! I'm older than my husband as well...not as much as you though. :o) I like the color of your dining area! Very nice! I wish you guys were coming over this weekend too! Oh we would have SO MUCH fun!!

Have a great weekend Chris!

much love,