August 23, 2009

Proud Mama!!

I am posting pictures of last year's Civil Air Patrol, Color Guard Competition. They placed 2nd in the State!! Justin has begun his 2nd year on the Color Guard Team. This year we are hoping they will place 1st. I am so proud of my son. It is so nice to see him serving with such a great organization.

Justin is in the 10th grade this year (home schooled). We have begun to discuss his options in pursuing the Military (Marines). Justin feels very confident that this is the direction God has for him. Right now, he is not sure what path he will take: college first and then serve; joining the U.S. Naval Academy; or some other direction. God only knows. Donnie and I would like him to pursue a college degree, so when he does begin his military career, he will enter as an Officer. He can obtain a degree through a University or go the route of the Naval Academy. Part of me wants him to pick the latter, but ultimately he will do what God is leading him to do. I know he will succeed in anything he does.

As a homeschooling mom of a high schooler, I feel I'm in a time crunch making sure he gets all his credits in and excels in his test scores (SAT/ACT). It is exciting to walk this path with my first born and I want so much for him to reach for the stars and be the best of the best!! :) What mother doesn't want this for each one of her children?



(Doesn't he look handsome)

(2nd place in the State of Florida)

(Ready to run the mile)


Mrs. Taffy said...

Awesome! And yes, he does look very handsome indeed!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

How wonderful for him. Exciting new adventures for both of you!

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

Awww..said like a proud Mama!! Truly a handsome looking gentleman you have there, Brotha ;0)!!

Miguel, my eldest, has also talked about joining the army and we would be so proud of him if this is the route he chose.

I brought Timmy to come look at the pics of your kiddos and when he saw the sidebar pic of Kole he actually thought it was a picture of our Zachary. LOL

xoxo, your brotha' from anotha' motha', Veronica