May 26, 2009

Memorial Day, Yard (not Yark) work, and my busy week.

My little chicks worked very hard yesterday for Memorial Day. No barbeque, no trips to the beach, no sitting pool babies worked hard yesterday. :) So I had to brag on their hard work done.

And what did I do? I deep cleaned my bathrooms....yeah, they looked pretty disgusting. This is what happens when time is filled with me out of the house. I've been so busy with dental and chiropractic appointments, that when I am pulled away from home, it eats up my time. No wonder I've been feeling so behind and unorganized...hmmmm. I am hoping I can start catching up some. I still have a couple of appointments this week....I have to go back to the dentist today to get my crown checked on and Shiloh has a football game tonight (he is in the Play offs for flag football--how cute is that?). I have to get adjusted at the chiropractor tomorrow afternoon and have to grocery shop for the week. And on Thursday, I have my usual outing-- taking Moriah to Piano practice. So you see how time can be filled up with all sorts of appointments and activities.

Lots of lots of careful planning needs to take place in my life or else life is a bit crazy here in this home. If some of you think I have it all together---well, think again!! :) I often wonder why God chose me to have so many children? Growing up, I was the very unorganized child in my family. I was the "who cares" type of girl. So becoming an adult and now having a large family, has really brought reality right at my front door. Thank God, the Lord is very patient with me and thank goodness for his Mercy.


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Jessica said...

Organization is always a chore but especially with little ones. I love to organize and it is getting more and more challenging!!! It looks like you have good helpers. Mine just help make messes :)