April 29, 2009

Hannah and Ana

I know aren't they SO precious!! This is Ana's little friend Hannah. Some friends came over for dinner some weeks back. Hannah is their first baby. Hannah was born about 5 weeks early. You can't tell. She has gotten so big. She is about a month older than Ana. We thought it was so cute they were wearing the same colors so we snapped some pics. They are so cute!!

Anyway, quick update---- I have been extremely focused on my routine/schedule so I haven't had much time to do some free time stuff like blogging, surfing the net, or even checking my emails much. There is so much to do here at home and I need to catch up on alot. Plus I've been to the dentist almost every week this past month. I've been taking some of the kids in for appointments and I had a root canal. Ouch!! Actually, it wasn't that bad. I had my part 2 of the root canal yesterday. And in a few weeks, I will get my crown placed. FUN!! I much rather be blogging than sitting at the dentist office, with my mouth wide open for two hours. :(

Till later,


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Tricia said...

What a precious picture. Reminds me of my twin girls emma and kaydee. They are 11 already. But I remember those sweet days. (and crazy busy days)