January 9, 2009

A "somewhat" rough week for us

Well, what should I blog about today...?????   Ummmm???  Oh yes, my somewhat rough week.  Right before New Year's my children developed the croup cough-- the nasty barking cough that just hurts your insides when you hear it coming out of the little ones.  Uhh, I just cringe to hear it.  There is nothing you can really do for it, other than natural remedies (humidifier, etc...)  

When I think that they are all out of it, another one gets it.  Yep, that's what happens with a large family...It just takes awhile for the symptoms to leave the house.  In the midst of all the coughing, I have been in serious prayer declaring the healing of God on all my babies.  What else can you do but rest in the peace of God's love and covering is upon my babies.  And to know that yes, this will soon pass.  

The other night, my 4th born Shiloh who is almost 7, woke up at 1:30 AM with a piercing ear ache,  as my husband stumbled to open our bedroom door, I  rolled over in bed (ouch) and remembered "OH, NO!!!  I'm out of Tylenol and Motrin"  My husband was so tired from being out of town the night before, that he just went back to bed.  Ok, I have to confess, I was hoping he would be up with Shiloh (that is the selfish me wanting MY sleep--but I knew he had to work the next day and if I was tired I could take a nap the next day.)....   I usually covet my sleep when I am pregnant because when I am tired I get VERY EMOTIONAL and cry at a drop of a hat.   This was my chance to lean on the Lord for all my strength, not my husband.  I learned a lot by staying up all night with my sick boy.
So,  here we are in the mid morning hours with no pain meds,  all I could do was pray.  I did find some pain killers that the Doc had prescribed when Shiloh had broken his arm.  I knew this would have to knock him and the pain out of his body.  I gave him a small dose and nothing happened.  I waited an hour and he was still in pain.  I gave him another dose and nothing!  By this time I was in tears along with Shiloh, and feeling like God had just walked out the door and forsaken me.  When I was in tears and the thought of "the Lord has forsaken me" crossed my mind,   I had to say "No, His Words are true  and He hasn't forsaken me!  He loves me and Shiloh."  I had to fight the good fight of Faith.  I had to pick myself up and stop the my whining and pity party and recognize I AM THE DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH!!  When I realized this, the LOVE of the Lord was poured over me.   An overwhelming sense of Love came over my heart.  Shiloh actually fell asleep for a little while!!!  I was basking in God's presence and just being so thankful for the time I was spending ministering to my son and God ministering to both of us.  

I am so thankful I stayed up all night.  I learned so much.  When Shiloh woke up in the morning the earache was gone.  He did have a small bout of vomiting but didn't last very long.  I actually didn't even feel very tired or emotional that day....no wait, I did have of bit of EMOTIONAL crying in the morning, but lasted maybe a few minutes.  But soon got over it!!   OHHH, and to say Thank YOU, to MY FATHER..my friend cooked me a meal enough for two dinners.  She is such a blessing!!  But I knew it was MY Father blessing me through her.  

The sickness is pretty much out the door and we are on the road to a complete recovery.  I am also so thankful and blessed to not have gotten any of the sickness, other than a bit of sneezing and sniffles.  God is so Good to us.  He truly does love His children and never Forsakes us (even though we feel like it at times) 


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Nancy said...

So sorry to hear you all have been sick! We had a bout around here the week before Christmas. Everyone got it... Tommy ran a fever 2 days this week and threw up once, so I am wondering if anyone else will come down with something.

Girls names: Jubilee (LOVE this one!) Praise Leah Eden :)