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The Traveling Tuttles


Born in Punta Arenas, Chile in the good ole' 1970.  My dad is American of Puerto Rican, German,English decent and my mom is straight up Chilean.  They met back in the late 60's when my daddy was on tour with the US Navy.  Some people can figure out I'm Hispanic by looking at me.  Donnie thought I was a Hawaiian hula dancer.  Oh I wish!!  ha ha!  

I graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor in Business Admin.  I majored in Management.  I guess it's a good degree to have with managing a home with eight kids.  Much to others surprise I don't have my junk in order. Eek!

Met my amazing husband Donnie in 1993 in a college success class.  I guess I thought I needed to know how to succeed in college? Or maybe it was just one of those electives that was there so what the heck. Got the A in class and scored a wonderful life partner. 

And I'm also a Lover of Jesus!  Not a lover of religion but of the God Man Jesus!  And everything God is in my life.  He's very personal to me.    
  We call ourselves the traveling Tuttles because we travel when we can and hope to one day become Location Independent.  Escape into the bright sunset or maybe RV across the country and into the world.

Born in La Plata, Maryland in 1974...(yes he's younger than me),  Donnie traveled with his parents as part of a carnival during his early childhood years.  Once the traveling ended,  his family settled in Florida.  

Donnie graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor in Elementary Ed.  He taught school for about 4 years.  After his teaching years he decided to give Sales a try.  His journey down this path led him to his current position as a Sales Coach and Speaker.  You can read more about what he does on his website Level Up Sales Coach.  You can also listen to his weekly podcast Sales Heroes.

Donnie and I have been together since 1993 and married 21 years, together for 23!  He's truly my best friend.  We love spending time together.  Anytime we have a free moment you'll find us out on a date or just sitting around talking.  

He's also such a wonderful father to our eight children.  He's the perfect role model our crew can have.  He's an inspiration and a motivator.


Justin is our oldest of the eight children.  He was born in 1994 after Donnie and I had been together only one year.  Donnie was only 19 and I was 22.  We were babies ourselves.  It's only by God's amazing miracle our marriage has survived so long.  

He was homeschooled pretty much all of his school years with the exception of kindergarten and his last three years of high school. He lives at home which we don't mind at all.  He's a thinker, has an adventurous spirit, likes planning camping trips and surfing.






Ephraim (Ephee)


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