July 6, 2010

Time with family

While my husband and the oldest two were away to Oregon, I decided to make a short trip up to visit my mom, sisters, and nephews. 

It was such a great time to hang out with them.  
To be honest we haven't seen each other in months
I know that sounds ridiculous, especially when we only live a few hours away. 
You'd think that they lived in another state or even country but 
they live only two hours away in the same state. 

 I don't know what has kept us away.... 
I can make a million excuses such as busyness, not much gas money, and we have to drive in two separate vehicles when we travel as a family.  
(oh yeah, most don't know because I don't disclose these things on my blog....) he he...
Yeah, we are yet to buy a bigger vehicle for our family of 10.
We currently drive a Chevy Astro which seats 8
We outgrew this thing 3 years ago....

It's ok...
It doesn't bother me to much...just becomes an inconvenience when we want to travel somewhere as a family
Most of the time I have to leave a few kids at home 
which means we don't do much outside of our neighborhood....
(On a side note:  If you feel led...pray for us because we have many, many needs to be met...)

So yessss.....
It was a lovely time to visit with my family...
Here are some pictures I took of our little getaway...

(My sis Andy and I)
Ana loved the sand
She loved splashing in the ocean
Ephraim thought he had the whole beach to roam....
especially chasing those annoying seagulls :)
My sis is always so organized
She had the toys, the food, the shade...
ha ha...
I actually forgot the beach towels...
These seagulls wouldn't leave us alone...
but of course we had the FOOD!
Shiloh catching some wave..
I love my nephews.  They are such sweet boys. 
Logan, Gavin, and Donovan
I love the ocean....
It's incredibly beautiful and magnifies the grandeur of God
My organized sis slathered LOTS of sunscreen on the kids.
Galen looks like a ghost...ha ha!
The gang!
Time to head home
Ana was ready for some r&r
Next day we visited with my baby sister, Michelle
More water fun..
what else is there to do in Florida...
My little sister knows what kids like...
lots of floating toys!
ha ha..
There is nothing like getting wet on a trampoline..
 Donovan is my little sister Mickey's son...
He loved on Ana
 When I held up the camera the girls said
"is she filming us...what is she doing"
ha ha..
Smile pretty...taking your picture girls!
my mom is in the background by the picnic table
Sisters and I sat poolside and chatted

There is nothing like summer fun with Family!


momto9 said...

That looks like a SPLENDID time!!! How cool you have 2 sisters!

mommyx12 said...

My favorite thing to do. Spend time with family. Looks like a wonderful time.

Mrs. Taffy said...

Oh Chris, what a great time! A REAL beach! What a blessing! The pictures are beautiful!

Cinnamon said...

The water looks so inviting!! We miss the beaches on the West coast. But I do think the beaches in Panama City (where we would go visit) were nicer and warmer :-)

What a fabulous time~